Write About Romance, Win $500!

Witch & Wizard: The Kiss by James PattersonWith Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’ve got romance on the brain! And right now, we’ve got one heck of a romantic contest. The Kiss Short-Story Contest has a dreamy prompt and an even better prize!

The Prompt: Write a story, 500 words or less, about a relationship that no one approves of.

The Prize: A 16GB iPad mini, loaded with a full collection of James Patterson’s teen books, as well as $500 cash.

And did we mention the winning story will be featured on James Patterson’s young-adult website and the winner will get a personal Facebook shout-out from James himself!

Guys, he’s got over 3 millions likes on Facebook.

While you’re at it, you should definitely enter the Witch & Wizard sweepstakes. With just a click of the button you could win the entire Witch & Wizard series.

So many good contests, so little time! What are you waiting for? Start writing already!

6 thoughts on “Write About Romance, Win $500!

    • Most contests on Figment require an original story. Entering one story in two contests may disqualify it from both. Please refer to the official rules to see if a contest requires an original entry.

  1. If I include a short portion of poetry from a Grimm Brothers fairy tale, will I be disqualified since it is not technically my own work?

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