Nerd Crush Showdown: FINAL ROUND

It’s here. It’s here. It’s the final round of the Nerd Crush showdown. And we got two Geek Gods left standing!

It’s the Ultimate Showdown!

Final Round! 

The Battle of the BBC Babes

The Doctor verus Sherlock

The Doctor vs Sherlock

In one corner, the Doctor, a hundreds-of-years-old alien who can traverse time and space in his TARDIS. Imagine the grand romantic gestures he could make! Not to mention he’s a total screaming genius. Is the Doctor looking for a new companion? We have a few suggestions. Team The Doctor!

In the other corner, Sherlock, the world’s hottest (albeit only) consulting detective! He’s analytical and awesomitical. His deductions will leave you deoxygenated. Sure, he will forget that you’re in the room for hours at a time, your relationship will be mostly based on you handing him things, and he’ll never remember your birthday because he needs room in his mind palace for important things . . . but who cares? Team Sherlock!

Who do you love most, nerds? Vote now! Click anywhere on the bracket to start voting. You can vote on the final round until 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, February 14. (You can only vote for each round once.) We’ve extended voting through Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned! We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday, February 15!


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37 thoughts on “Nerd Crush Showdown: FINAL ROUND

    • I ended up voting for the Doctor. Sigh. Such tough decisions. However, I have a proposal! Let’s all be very careful voters and have it end up in a perfect tie. Problem solved! 😀

  1. The Doctor for the win! To choose was hard, as I’m both a Whovian, and a Sherlockian, but ultimately I had to go with the allegiance I’ve had from the young age, for Doctor Who.

  2. Wooooah this is a close one! This is a really hard decision for me. I love Doctor Who AND Sherlock. It really depends on which Doctor, though. 10 vs. Sherlock, TEN. 11 vs. Sherlock, SHERLOCK. I don’t know, 11 seems more like a…happy puppy than a Time Lord. I still love him, though. xD

  3. It is not only a battle of the BBC babes, it’s a battle of the Moffat-led show babes. O_o There is only one person to blame….. BARROWMAN. -shakes fist-

  4. Hmmm. Both are extremely hard to decide between! I would choose The Docotor. He seems more capable of love and his Tardis and him are extremely awesome! BTW, one of the hardest decisions in my life! Just kidding.

  5. *Sherlock vs. Doctor? This just shows how similar all us Figgies are! And now…*

    NO. NO PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. I’m Team Sherlock Who how can I possibly choose between my two hubbys??? On one hand the Doctor can take me on wonderful adventures but Sherlock has the smarts to do all the taxes :). My heart is shattered. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY FIGMENT. I’LL SEND YOU THE DIVORCE PAPERS.

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