Let’s Kick Some POTUS

This post was inspired by Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and was originally published on 6/12/2012. With Presidents Day just around the corner, we wanted to bring super-powered president’s back for an “In Case You Missed It!”

We love the smack-talking, vamp-staking ways of Lincoln in Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. So we can’t wait for the film version, out this Friday. But why should Lincoln have all the fun when there are lots of presidents equally deserving of kick-ass updates? Check out these POTUStastic be-powered presidents.

Zachary CenTaylor
Zachary Taylor kept a horse (named Whitey) in pasture at the White House. His sympathy for horses most DEFINITELY came from the horse side of his family.

The Jamesazing Hulk!
All six presidential Jameses would come together, Power Ranger-style. Carter would be the body, Monroe and Garfield would be the arms, Polk and Buchanan would be the legs, and Madison would be the head!


Before and Tafter
William Taft famously got stuck in a bathtub. This incident led directly to his ability to expand and contract his bulk at will, slowly crumbling houses and suffocating people stuck with him in closed rooms.

Ronald Rage-an
Ronald Reagan’s movie career left him with a plethora of kung-fu moves that he never forgot. He could still round-house kick when he left office at the ripe old age of 77.

John Tyler, John Tyler, John Tyler
This man was only Vice-President for 30 days before stepping into the role of President, after William Henry Harrison died one month into his term. Coincidence? Or is John Tyler gifted with omnipresence–the ability to be everywhere at once?

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