Nerd Crush Showdown Winner!

It was a long journey. Many were lost along the way. When Mr. Darcy was eliminated in the first round, we thought we couldn’t go on! Then we lost Ron and—we’re sorry, it’s just really hard to talk about.

When it came down to Sherlock and The Doctor, we heard your cries of despair. “Don’t make us choose!” you said. But we forced you to look in the mirror and demanded you pick one and you pick one now, damn it! It was a close call—the winner walked away with only five more votes than the loser. In the end, though, there can only be one. The winner of the ultimate Nerd Crush showdown is . . .


The Doctor
Did we get it right? Did we get it wrong? Tell us in the comments! And thanks to everyone who voted in our showdown!

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16 thoughts on “Nerd Crush Showdown Winner!

  1. I was hoping for a perfect tie, but I admit that the Doctor would make a better mate than Sherlock. I’m sure that Sherlock doesn’t care that he lost the competition. In fact, he would probably be disgusted that he even made it that far. XD

  2. Good heavens. The day Jon Stewart wins over Mr. Darcy, is a sad, sad day. Although truest truth about Sherlock being disgusted 😉 … it would take weeks of therapy with Watson for him to sort that traumatic experience out for him. 😀

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