Writing Prompt Inspired by James Patterson’s THE KISS

James Patterson FigmentThursday’s Daily Theme was inspired by the newest novel in James Patterson’s #1 bestselling Witch & Wizard series, The Kiss.

Heath is devilishly handsome, with the charming ability to make flowers grow from the palm of his hand. Wisty can’t deny the electricity.

Whit is seriously concerned about his little sister’s taste in guys. Heath used to be a member of the New Order Youth and the siblings’ sworn enemy.

Whit doesn’t trust Heath. Wisty isn’t one to play it safe. Suddenly, a boy is coming between them.

James Patterson’s The Kiss is also the inspiration for an amazing Figment contest! One writer will receive an iPad mini loaded with James’s teen novels, $500 cash, and publication on James’s YA site.

james patterson figment writing contest

Your Daily Theme inspired by The Kiss

A kiss can be an exciting, disgusting, sloppy, emotional, despicable, or thrilling thing. It can even be all of those things at once. Using first-person stream of consciousness, describe the anticipation, reception, and aftermath of a single kiss.

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