You Did It!

Requiem writing contest judged by Lauren Oliver

Great job, Figgies!

There were 1,200 entries in the Requiem contest, making author Lauren Oliver’s job of choosing a winner REALLY hard . . . and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much for the amazing turnout, and best of luck to everyone who entered in the judging process.

While you’re waiting for Lauren Oliver to choose the winner (who, by the way, wins some bomb prizes) check out Requiem, the exciting conclusion to Lauren Oliver’s DELIRIUM trilogy. Requiem will be released TOMORROW, and we know you don’t want to wait any longer to find out what happens to Lena, Hanna, Alex, and Julian, so pre-order your copy today!

38 thoughts on “You Did It!

  1. Hi Figment. I’m sorry, I noticed my question isn’t on the board any longer. I was respectfully wondering if you got my question.

    Also I’d like to wish a good luck to all entries of the contest! I’ve read some and thought they were spectacular! Lauren Oliver is in for a treat:)


      • I think there was another glitch because it didn’t go through again.
        Anyways I was wondering this. On 3/4/13 I looked through all the entries to see how many and figured out I had spelled the tag of my entry wrong. I had submitted the piece on 3/2/13.
        Am I out of luck for this?

        • Hey!

          Unfortunately, the entries had to be tagged before the end of the contest. Let me know if you have any questions: emily[at]

  2. I submitted my story into this contest on 3/2/13 (and the deadline was on 3/3/13), but it has not appeared as part of the contest entries.

    May I please have an explanation?

    • Hey!

      As long as your entry was created between the announcement and end of the contest, as long as it is tagged properly, and as long as it is published and not saved as a draft, it is somewhere among the entries. We had over a thousand stories entered, so it is possible you missed it or the order shifted as you were viewing them.

  3. Hey! I just realized that I tagged mine wrong. I can’t believe I did that! Would I be able to change the tags and still get my story into the contest? Please? And is the tag ‘requiem’? Thanks!

    • Hey Laura-

      Unfortunately, entries needed to be published and tagged before the end of the contest. Please let me know if you have any questions: emily[at]

  4. I was wondering if the winner of this contost has already been announced? and if it hasn’t is there an estimated date that it will be…? sorry Im just excited and very curious to find out who the winner is 🙂

    Thank you,
    Jayda Dyment

  5. Hello. I was just wondering how you know if your story is in the judging process, and when the results would be out. Thanks! and good luck to everyone!

  6. Hi,

    I was wondering about how long it would be until the winner is announced? I know there’s no specific date but do you have an estimate?


  7. Are we allowed to change the cover? I know we can’t change the title or the content, but is changing the picture alright?
    Also, is Lauren Oliver the only judge? (I’m just curious)

  8. Hi! I am entered in the contest, and I am going out of the country in a week, to Italy and Grecce, and I won’t have internet access there any idea when the winner will be announced, so I can get someone to check it for me if I am gone.

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