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Eleanor & Park by Rainbow RowellIt’s 1986. Madonna, Prince, and Whitney Houston top the charts, but Park just wants to drown out his morning bus ride with the Misfits and X-Men comics. Cue Eleanor, the quiet, awkward redhead who Park tries to rescue from new-kid ridicule by letting her to sit next to him. Eleanor and Park slowly create their own loner world of mix tapes and comic books during their daily bus rides, but with every kiss and meaningful look, they know that their fragile first love might not survive the real world they have to live in.

We fell in love while reading Rainbow Rowell’s novel, Eleanor & Park, and it got us thinking about our favorite fictional couples. Of course, we’ll stand up and cheer every time the awkward, off-beat, or loner-ish pair off, but these are the really top-notch quirky couples. Vote for your favorite below, and let us know which ones we missed in the comments!

The Perks of Being a WallflowerCharlie and Sam

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie falls for Sam faster than you can blink. And why shouldn’t he? She’s cute, listens to great music, and takes on Charlie and his high school experience as a personal project. Their relationship is fraught with complications (Charlie dates one of Sam’s best friends for awhile and breaks her heart), but in the end, they both accept the love they think they deserve from each other, and we couldn’t be happier.

How I Met Your MotherLily and Marshall

How I Met Your Mother

Lily and Marshall are never afraid to show off their weird sides, and that’s why we love them. From Marshall’s obsession with charts to Lily’s high school Goth phase, the pair are consistently true to themselves while being supportive of each other, and as a result they are the only lasting couple in the HIMYM world.



Doctor WhoAmy and Rory

Doctor Who

It might be too soon for us Whovians to talk about *sob* Amy and Rory, but we couldn’t leave them off this list. They’re friends-turned-lovers who travel through time and space with a mad man in a box. Not to mention that they’re completely dedicated to each other—Rory guards Amy for 2,000 years, and Amy, well, Amy would follow Rory anywhere, anywhen.


The Big Bang TheoryPenny and Leonard

The Big Bang Theory

Penny and Leonard are without a doubt our favorite on-again-off-again couple. At first, we rooted for nerdy Leonard as he tried to capture the heart of wanna-be actress Penny. But as their relationship progresses, we become more and more convinced the Penny and Leonard are meant for each other . . . even if they’re not ready to admit it yet.

TwilightAlice and Jasper


Alice and Jasper are the obvious black sheep of the Cullen clan. They both have especially sensitive powers, and Jasper’s violent past makes him a a hard nut to crack. Alice has a close relationship with Edward, which is super sweet, but Alice and Jasper cling to each other more than any of the other Cullen couples.


The Fault in our StarsHazel and Augustus

The Fault in Our Stars

Holy heartbreak, Batman! Hazel and Augustus are both battling cancer, which obviously sets them apart from typical teenage couples. But it’s more than their health that makes you root for John Green’s star-crossed couple. Self-reliant Hazel falls for Augustus the same way she falls for a good book, and Augustus’s swaggering confidence and wit has us falling for him, too.


The OfficeJim and Pam

The Office

Michael is hilarious, and Dwight is too much to take, but it’s Jim and Pam’s love story that keeps us coming back to The Office week after week. Remember in the beginning when Jim would pull pranks on Dwight just to make the eternally-engaged Pam smile? That’s love, my friends. And you’re completely soul-less if you didn’t cry when they got married.


GleeBrittany and Artie


Sure, they’re not together anymore, but Brittany and Artie were definitely the weirdest Glee-paring so far. And that’s probably why we were such big fans of Bartie (Artittany?) Artie tends to be a little pretentious, and Brittany isn’t the most thoughtful student at McKinley High, so we knew it wouldn’t last, but it was fun for a while.

So, which quirky couple makes you swoon? Vote now! And be sure to let us know which couples we left out in the comments!

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20 thoughts on “Vote Now! Our Favorite Quirky Couples

    • That’s exactly what I was wondering. Brittney and Artie? Really? That was so long ago it doesn’t even count. Not to mention it was a brief and pretty shallow relationship.

      Brittany and Santana should have been the Glee pick.

    • Agree- Brittany and Artie were definitely not my favorite Glee couple, Klaine is. Nothing against Brittana- their breakup made me sad too- I just prefer Klaine.

  1. Thank you for not putting anyone from HP on there. Giving another book a chance for once. ‘Cause I mean you could totally have done Tonks & Lupin or whatever. But then they just would have won. So thank you.

    • I totally agree, it’s always the one with the biggest fanbase and whenever HP is on here nothing else is even read through

    • Tonks and Lupin! Ron and Hermionie! Okay, i thought ron and hermionie were a bit of an odd match up because HELLO! HERMINOIE COULD HAVE HAD ANY GUY! HER BEST FRIEND IS THE CHOSEN ONE! but, please, I still think the smart one and the odd ball are great together. They woulda won 🙂

  2. WHAT THE EFFING HELL?! How am I supposed to choose between Sam and Charlie or Hazel and Augustus. Okay, but I must say Augustus and Hazel were more meant-to-be. I don’t know, they were the most perfect couple ever. Besides, a bunch of so-called Perks fans will vote for Sam and Charlie, people who saw the movie first -.- So let’s give TFIOS a chance 🙂

    • For me it was between Sam and Charlie, Augustus and Hazel, and Alice and Jasper. I went with Alice and jasper cause…well, I just have this secret dream that Alice exists….she’s awesome.

  3. Charlie and Sam all the way! I liked how the movie portrayed the relationship, but I LOVED how it was written in the book.

  4. Hm, I just noticed I’m one of the only people who picked Leonard and Penny. Whatever. I still stand with that choice.

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