Full Moon Kisses Short-Story Contest Winners

Full Moon KissesIn Full Moon Kisses by Ellen Schreiber, Celeste is warned by a psychic that a dangerous fate awaits her—someone wants to turn her into a werewolf. Celeste’s just not sure if it’s her ex-boyfriend or her current one. Inspired by the novel, we challenged you to write a story about someone who visits a psychic. You wrote, voted, and we sent the ten most-hearted entries to Ellen Schreiber for judging!

Check out the winners below, and be sure to congratulate your fellow Figs!


Grand Prize Winner:

Awesome job, Paige! You will receive the first three books in the Full Moon Series: Once in a Full MoonMagic of the Moonlight, and Full Moon Kisses by Ellen Schreiber.

Ellen says: “Beautifully written. Great use of language and I loved your descriptions. Scary and cool ending. Liked the bridge and tying it to the psychic.”

Runners Up:

Well done, Karyn! You will receive a copy of Full Moon Kisses.

Ellen says: “The descriptions of character traits were really good. I liked the names of your characters, too. And the story was really scary!”

Nice job, Austen! You will receive a copy of Full Moon Kisses.

Ellen Says: “I liked that the story was very action packed. I also thought the ending rocked—it was unexpected. Cool! Descriptions are very good!”

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