The Seven Best Road-Trip Snacks

One of the best things about road trips is that they’re not real life. You get to listen to music without judgement. You don’t have to make your hair look good or ever change out of your comfy clothes. Best? You can eat all the gas station garbage that you’d normally sneer at. If you’re road tripping, these seven foods are the must-haves. Heck! We’d go on a road trip just to nom some of this junk food guilt free.

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1. Slim Jims

Slim jim

Look at that picture. Pepperoni flavored. Why flavored? Why not just pepperoni? Because there is no meat in Slim Jims and that’s how we like it.

2. SnoBalls

Hostess SnoBalls

These snack cakes raise so many questions. Why dye the coconut pink when actual snowballs are white? Why not use vanilla cake since actual snowballs are white? Congrats on making the cream filling white, but why did you make it out of whipped plastic that coats your mouth for hours? #LoveSnoBallsSoHard

3. Bugles


They’re salty and sweet and you can use them to give yourself witch claws. Hey—anything that takes your mind off the interminable stretch of highway between you and your destination is a good thing.

4. Funyuns


Love onion rings? Then you’ll hate Funyuns. Don’t like onion rings but love vaguely vegetable-flavored puff circles? Funyuns are for you. The rest of the car will hate you for your Funyuns breath, but never mind the haters. You have to do you.

5. Mountain Dew Code Red

Mountain Dew Code Red

Something about the slight hint of strawberry and urgency makes Mountain Dew Code Red taste so much better than regular Mountain Dew. It also might be the color. Mountain Dew is an electric color that has never been seen in nature. This is red. Lots of things in nature are red! Roses, cherries, the flash you see as your heart seizes up after you drink too much Mountain Dew Code Red . . .

6. Corn Dogs

horizontal corn dog

Really, anything that is served via stick is great car food. Ain’t nobody got time for utensils!

7. Red Bull

horizontal red bull

You need to take the night shift? No problem. You can take the next three night shifts, straight through. Heck! Take the day shifts too. Heck! Drive to the South Pole. You can drive on water right? Can’t you? YOU’RE WEAK. DRINK MORE RED BULL.

Vote now for the essential road-trip snack. Did we leave off your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

16 thoughts on “The Seven Best Road-Trip Snacks

    • If you brought your own, yes. We usually stop at wienerschnitzel and get some. We also like to head out at 2 AM and get a breakfast jack.

  1. As someone who loves cooking I find this awkward.

    1. Slim Jims? Ya know you can have beef Jerky right? THat way you can actually chew it and not coat your hands and face in cow oils.

    2. SnoBalls? They have a whole movie on why snoballs are the worst twinkie-related creation. Speaking of which are they even around anymore?

    3. Bugles The ever awkward Bugles. “oh..i guess I’ll have some” and when you put them on as claws “what the hell am I doing with my life?” Bugles are the “I really wish i was eating doritos” chips.

    4. Funyuns. SALT. pure salt. and smelliness. I’m not even talking about your breath, the bag itself will stink up a class room god forbid what it will do to a car. Onion rings? I love em! the grease, the slimey onion, the fried-ness! Funyuns? WTF these aren’t fun at all!

    5. Mountain Dew Code Red. WHile your getting diabeties and shrinking your organs ( drink too much mountian dew and the sugar will be so dehydrating your body will take a toll. This is more obvious for guys and thier wiggles) You know theirs juice, water, tea, sprite zero? Actual strawberries!? which taste awesome when you dump them into sprite? =( I just feel bad for you guys now.

    6. CornDogs. I apologize, I know and love many people who love the corn dog. But what the heck is wrong with a normal(corn-less) hot dog? The classic classic part of potlucks and cheap events. I like SEEING my hot dog cradled between two write peices of bread made just for him. Then i get to dress it up in gems Ketchup or Mustard or Relish or Onions or Mayo. Then, I enjoy my peice of art. and it’s Delicious. 🙂

    7. Red Bull. You know you can just have sugar instead? I’ve never tried it before and I actually don’t drink energy drinks at all. Because really whats the point? You can just have a 5 hour energy (that tastes disgusting too) and be done with it. But they fund Nasa, so i guess its okay.

    Take two seconds to think about the chemicals and whether or not you can say “I’m pretty sure theirs no kids in factories making these.” That’s all i ask before you pack for your next road trip.

    • I think Nutella to Go is the best really…
      you should see my little brother with a nutella Jar… He could be the poster boy.
      Or frozen blueberries… Either one is his pick (Also the fact that he’s a vegatarian doens’t help this list.

  2. I’ve never heard of any of them except corn dogs and red bull. I haven’t tasted them either because I agree, whats wrong with a normal hotdog. And DRINKING Redbull IS FOR the weak. Why is there no chocolate bars like KitKats on this poll?

  3. Nutella to Go… My little brother’s favourite.
    Though he gets it everywhere in the house.
    What’s not to love with Chocolate and Hazelnuts?

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