Daily Theme from Leap Write In!—Quatrain

Leap Write In! by Karen BenkeTuesday’s Daily Theme (April 2) was from Leap Write In! by Karen Benke (published by Roost Books), a book of amazing writing prompts and exercises to stretch, warm, and mold your writing voice. You can start reading more prompts from Leap Write In! on Figment.

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To view what’s around you as if for the first time, it can be necessary to wander away from your everyday life, to get lost on purpose, to lose track of time, leave home for a while so you can return with fresh eyes and a refocused imagination. Wander around and just look at things. Open doors, peer into closets, check out bookshelves and cupboards.
Go on your own snoop or pick something from the list that follows. Anything that you can reach out and touch is up for grabs. The idea is to write four lines (or a quatrain) about one object and describe it in an entirely different light.

On the first line: write the name of your object.
On the second line: compare it with something or rename it in a way that makes sense to you.
On the third line: add a dash of detail about what you wrote on line two.
On the fourth line: reassure it, ask it a question, say what it’s doing, or what it’s like.

Optional objects: pencil, bench, storm, candle, thumb, toothpick, soup spoon, key, sock, book, shadow, cat, quarter, moon.


odd, friendless boy
raised by four aunts,
don’t worry, you’re not alone.

—Philip Dacey

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