Doctor Who Recap: Cold War

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Need a little refresher about what happened on the previous episode? Check out last  week’s recap!

This week, we’re in the North Pole, 1983. Don’t be fooled by the British accents—we’re on a Soviet submarine that’s preparing to launch nuclear missiles. Downstairs, there’s something frozen into a block of ice. Some idiot decides it’d be an awesome idea to thaw it out, and naturally, it doesn’t go so well. The creature inside rampages around and causes the sub to start sinking.

Luckily, the Doctor arrives! (Okay, so he thinks he’s in Las Vegas, but we’ll ignore that for now). He saves the sub, but the captain searches him and finds the sonic screwdriver. Suddenly, the TARDIS disappears, and the Doctor’s powerless to stop it.

Then, the creature in the ice reappears. Turns out, he’s an Ice Warrior named Skaldak, a soldier from Mars, and he’s been frozen in the Arctic for 5000 years. The Doctor’s all ready to have a nice chat with him, but then one of the crew members guns Skaldak down.

Skaldak, Doctor Who, the Doctor, Matt Smith, Episode 9, Season 7

This, the Doctor explains, was kind of a dumb idea. Basically, Skaldak’s a super intense warrior, and by firing on him, the crew has declared war. They lock Skaldak up so he doesn’t blow up the whole ship. Chained up in the brig, Skaldak starts sending out a distress signal, calling for his fellow Martians to come help.

In order to stop him from destroying the world, someone needs to go talk to him. Clara volunteers. Things actually seem to be going okay, but then Skaldak’s armor opens up, and…there’s nothing inside. There’s now an evil lizard creature roaming around the submarine, and nobody knows where he is. Uh-oh.

But wait! It gets worse! Since Skaldak didn’t get an answer to his distress call, he assumes he’s alone in the universe and has nothing left to lose. He also happens to be on a ship stuffed with nuclear weapons. You guys see where this is going.

Skaldak, Martian, Doctor Who

Skaldak starts snatching crew members and dissecting them to learn more about the human race. The one piece of good news (yup, there’s good news!) is that the Doctor has found his sonic screwdriver. He searches for Skaldak while Skaldak continues to tear apart humans.

When he’s gathered enough information, Skaldak gets ready to launch the missiles. Can the Doctor and Clara plead with him for mercy? Nope, looks like Skaldak’s still going to destroy the planet.

But right before Skaldak can push the big red LAUNCH button, his distress call is answered! The Martians pull the sinking submarine up to the surface and transport Skaldak into their spaceship. Thanks to some aliens with coincidentally perfect timing, the world is safe!

Captain, Doctor Who

There’s still one question, though: What happened to the TARDIS? The Doctor reveals that he installed a program that makes the TARDIS relocate whenever it encounters danger. Which seems like an awesome plan for keeping the TARDIS safe, but not so much for keeping the Doctor safe. Especially since it turns out that the TARDIS relocated itself to the South Pole.

Next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be a creepy ghost story, and we can’t wait! A big mansion, spooky spirits, AND the Doctor? What could be better?

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Recap: Cold War

  1. WAY late with this episode–but I loved it! It was much better than the Rings of Akhaten. I loved the professor, loved the Duran Duran references, and the inclusion of the Ice Warrior. Great past blast.

    My only complaint? No Russian accents. Yes, the TARDIS translates, but the TARDIS was at the south pole… *shrug* What can you do? This one may be the best one out of the newer episodes, in my opinion.

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