Don’t Miss The Adroit Journal Contest!

At Figment, we love writing. And we love contests. And we love when you Figs do something awesome outside of Figment (we’re so proud!). So it makes sense that we had to pass along this information about the Adroit Prizes in Fiction and Verse—a very cool contest, indeed. Your fellow Fig, Peter LaBerge, founded The Adroit Journal two years ago. (You can check out the latest issue here.) He was nice enough to stop by Figment to talk a little more about the contest. 

The entry period closes on Wednesday, May 1. Don’t miss your chance to enter! Check out the information below:

The Adroit Journal, at its foundation, is a print literary publication offering young writers from around the world the unique opportunity not only to submit work for publication alongside established writers, but also to participate in this evaluation process themselves, as part of the journal’s staff of readers and editors. I decided to found the journal two years ago as a sophomore in high school, as a result of frustrations associated with breaking into the literary world. For almost the entire first year of the journal’s existence, I was the sole staff member. Since then, the journal has been noticed and recognized around the world for its dedication to emerging writers, human rights causes, and community service, and has become affiliated with twelve other literary organizations, including the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the National YoungArts Foundation, the Acumen Fund, and—of course—

As a publication, we accept submissions in the regular adult and youth pools throughout the entire year, but we pay special attention during the months of April and May to the works of young student-age writers. As such, we thought it would be appropriate to introduce the Adroit Prizes in Fiction and Verse.

Each year, the prizes are awarded to two students of secondary or undergraduate status or age (early graduation is acceptable) whose fiction or poetry ‘inspires the masses to believe beyond the feeling of the work.’ In other words, we strive to receive and publish the absolute best work from emerging young writers, and the best of the best will receive these two lovely awards.

Important Pre-Submission Notes (FAQ):

-All submissions from writers of high school and college age will be considered for the awards, regardless of institutional status (or lack thereof)—as long as submitted according to the guidelines.
-Submissions of poetry and fiction, if there are multiple from the same young author, should be submitted individually. Please put the title of each individual poem in the “Title” text box.
-You can submit poetry, fiction, art/photography, and “other” writing to us simultaneously.
-Once you hear from us with an editorial decision on the work you submitted, you can then resubmit up to six works of poetry, one short story, one piece of “other” writing, etc.

Good Luck!

If you have more question contact the submission manager for more information.

Cover photo by Brannon Dorsey

8 thoughts on “Don’t Miss The Adroit Journal Contest!

  1. So, is this a figment contest- wait…stupid question. Right now, they only have a poetry contest open? Or at least from what I saw on their page.

  2. Two questions.

    One, can I submit some of my proud work in which I have already published on Figment?

    And two, how do I submit?

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