BFF Showdown: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Katniss Everdeen

We’d like to think that, in an amazing alternate universe, Katniss and her real-life counterpart, Jennifer Lawrence, would be best friends with each other . . . OR WOULD FIGHT TO THE DEATH. TO BE OUR BEST FRIEND.

Who would win? We came up with a super objective and mathematical formula (read: we made stuff up) to determine the results of that epic showdown. Which woman will get the other half of our mockingjay pin heart-shaped Best Friends necklace?

Jennifer Lawrence vs Katniss Everdeen

Round One: Physical Prowess

We want a girl who has got our back in a sticky situation, but this one isn’t really even a contest. I mean we’re talking about this:versus this:Yeah. Round One goes to Katniss.

Round Two: Best Hair

Obviously, a good girlfriend needs to be able to teach you new hair tips. Katniss rocks a killer side braid:but some of her Capitol-mandated styles aren’t so great:We have to give this round to Jennifer Lawrence because we love her laid back beach waves:

Round Three: Best Dressed

Katniss is the Girl on Fire, which is definitely impressive:But, really, who wants to hang out with someone whose clothes burst into flames? We prefer J-Law’s little black dress:

Round Four: Sibling Rivalry

You can learn a lot about a friend by observing them with their family. After she won an Oscar, Jennifer Lawrence’s brothers bear hugged her, which is pretty cute:But Katniss simply can’t be beat on this one. The girl was going to die for her sister:

Round Five: Dinner Date

Probably the biggest thing we look for in a friend is someone to eat with. Katniss’s idea of sharing a meal together is popping some berries and dying:J-Law, on the other hand, has exactly the right attitude towards food, so she wins this round:

Jennifer Lawrence Wins!

Do you think we got it right? Let us know in the comments!

Jennifer Lawrence image by Tom Sorenson, Katniss image courtesy of Lionsgate/ Round 1: Katniss via ask-the-victor-katniss-everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence from Perez Hilton/ Round 2: Katniss GIFs via teandcupcakes, Jennifer Lawrence GIF via Crushable Tumblr/ Round 3: Katniss GIF by evendeen, Jennifer Lawrence GIF from The Hollywood Reporter/ Round 4: Jennifer Lawrence GIF via Crushable, Katniss GIF via PandaWhale/ Round 5: Katniss GIF via The Hunger GIFs, Jennifer Lawrence GIF via lovingwhale/ Jennifer Lawrence GIF via pembelimonataistiyinmii

14 thoughts on “BFF Showdown: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Katniss Everdeen

  1. Plus, Jennifer Lawrence is really cool (from what I know anyways). Katniss is an unstable, damaged individual who might kill you if you offer her a rose for her birthday.

  2. I would like to be katniss’s best friend because you can see in a way how she treats Madge in the books though Jenifer won an Oscar for interpreting her so ill go with Jenifer!

  3. Katniss is more interesting to hang out with. But she’s so messed up by the end that I would go for Jennifer.

  4. Katniss would be the type of friend who would probably shoot you with her arrows if you look at her the wrong way. Still, she’ll protect you…and…I have nothing else. Jennifer is hilarious, and so down-to-Earth. Plus, SHE LOVES FOOD! I choose her. Sorry Katniss.

  5. ummm….. KATNISS is boss AND HOT!!! first of all if you watched the movie the flames were fake. second you SHOULD be willing to die for your siblings!! and the dinner date one is bullsh*t at least it was over love to commit suiccide.

  6. Well Katniss wins because she is strong has beautiful hair and is willing to die for someone she loves so sorry but Jennifer Lawrence can not beat that.

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