Magical Harry Potter Fan-Fiction

Here at Figment, we’ve felt particularly Potter-headed lately. We’ve talked about how the Harry Potter fandom will live forever, and even the uninitiated have shared their two cents about the series. Maybe the summer air reminds us of lining up for a book release or movie premeire. Or maybe it’s because the buzz around The Casual Vacancy has ended and J.K. Rowling (bow down) has been out of the news. Whatever the reason, we need a quick HP fix, and so we turn to some of the great Harry Potter fan-fiction on Figment!

Check out our picks below, let us know which stories we missed, and tell us which fan-fiction round up you want to see next!

Best Lily and James Love Story

The Marauder and The Muggle Born by Brianna W. Mellark ϟ
But who could be writing to her at this hour? Maybe it was her friend Marissa Lewis talking about her most recent letter from Remus, or her other friend Alice Henderson asking if she should bring four sets of robes instead of three, she always worried about silly things like that. She moved to the left so the owl could enter her room. It was a large handsome tawny owl. Lily sighed. Not another note from James. She reached over and untied the note.

Most Likely to Make You Say “Huh?”

Three Potters and a Problem by RumbleroarRedvines
Darren couldn’t have been prouder. Daniel Radcliffe—that is, Daniel freakin’ Radcliffe—was laughing at his musical. Darren had always looked up to Dan. Really, the guy was amazingly smart and kind for someone who had spent his entire childhood on a movie set. And the YouTube app wasn’t failing, which was always a plus. And he had guava juice. Could life get any better?

Best Destruction of Umbridge

The Seer’s Visions Falsified by No One of Consequence
At the Great Hall during dinner, the goddesses took seats at the Ravenclaw table and tried to ignore the fact that they attracted more boys’ stares than a couple of veela. When a woman named Umbridge who wore a fluffy pink cardigan over her robes stood up and gave a little cough, Gwir and Nox looked at each other, silently agreeing on the conclusion they had both come to: any person who would interrupt Albus Dumbledore, one of the most intelligent and likable mortals the world had ever seen, deserved to die.

Most Likely to Make You Feel All of the Feels

George’s Last Goodbye by Fred_Weasley
The tears started flowing from my eyes, landing drop by drop onto Fred’s cheeks. It almost looked like he was crying, too. I hoped with all my heart that he would spring up and say “Gotcha!” and this would all be a big joke. Seconds, which seemed like hours, passed by and Fred didn’t move.

Best “Snape is Misunderstood” Story

It Does Not Do to Dwell on Dreams by The Last Marauder
Severus smiled at the sight, before returning his attention to Lily. She was as beautiful as ever, her long red hair blazing and those eyes, those lovely almond-shaped green eyes. They were looking at him, only at him. There was no one else for her, just him, just Severus Snape. He watched as his reflection leaned in and kissed the girl beside him. She did not recoil, she did not push him away, but she pulled him closer and kissed him back.

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  1. The next round up? STAR WARS FANFICTIONS! Most definitely! Or, of course, you could do LotR! Surely there’s some Tolkien/Lucas apprecaition out there!?

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