Tamara from Awkward. is an Awesome BFF

Tamara Awkward

Source: MTV

Yeah, she’s super loud and high-strung, but you’ve gotta admit: Tamara continues to be an amazing friend to Jenna. Let’s get into why we all should be Jell-Y that Tamara isn’t our BFF.

She Only Wants the Best for Jenna

When Jenna worried Matty was embarrassed to date her/wrote the Carefrontation letter, Tamara (with the help of other wonderful friend Ming) crashed their date with a game of Truth-or-Dare-Minus-the-Dare to get some answers. That night, Matty proved to be a nice, sweet guy, assuaging most of the girls’ apprehensions. Tamara cares so much about her BFF that she will do whatever it takes to ensure Jenna’s BF has Jenna’s best interests at heart.

She is a Word Wizard

With a friend like Tamara, you won’t ever worry about using outdated abbreviations or slang. She mixes pop culture references into her already creative, ever-expanding lexicon, so she’s always ahead of the game. And if you aren’t sure what something means, don’t bother with Urban Dictionary. Tamara will give you a definition, examples and etymology in one breath AND without blinking.

She Is Forgiving

When Jenna accidentally kissed Ricky Schwartz, Tamara went into full-on grudge mode and it looked like their BFFship was over. However, when Tamara learned that Jenna didn’t mean to kiss him, T focused her blame on the true culprit: Ricky. Granted, it took a little time before it happened, but their BFFship went back to awesome-status. And that’s all that matters!

…And She Is Honest

When there was palpable tension between Jenna/Tamara and Tamara/Jake, Tamara confessed to both of them that she’s insecure about Jenna and Jake’s history. Can you blame her for feeling weird for dating her BFF’s ex-BF? I mean, come on…Jenna told her everything!  She couldn’t let that fester. Tamara’s truthfulness, while uncomfortable, helped her relationships with her BFF and BF move forward.

She Breaks Girl Code When Necessary

Jenna told Tamara that one of the reasons she was stressing about Homecoming  was Matty’s lack of dance skills, so Tamara broke “girl code” and told Jake. Jake, sweet guy that he is, started an informal dance class for Matty’s benefit. And Matty found the courage to show off his new moves at Homecoming. Thanks to Tamara’s bending the rules (and Jake’s lessons), Jenna and Matty had no reason to fret. Tamara (and Jake) saved Homecoming!

She’s Hilarious

Real talk: loyalty and empathy are important characteristics for a BFF. But you know what I value? A BFF who can make me laugh always. Even when s/he’s not trying. And everything that comes out of Tamara’s mouth is ridiculous and hysterical! We should all be so lucky to have a best friend who cracks us up 25 hours a day.

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