Fan Fiction on Figment!

You’ve read The Hunger Games. You’ve watch Sherlock. But it isn’t enough! Check out some of our favorite fan fiction on Figment, and you’ll never be too far away from your favorite characters.

Mysterious Sherlock Fan-Fiction

Out of This World Star Wars Fan-Fiction

Adventurous Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction

Magical Harry Potter Fan-Fiction

Great Hunger Games Fan-Fiction

Want more? Let us know what round up you want to see next!

13 thoughts on “Fan Fiction on Figment!

  1. Avengers! Percy Jackson! Spiderman… There might not be enough Spiderman ones out there though… Not sure…

    • I’m all for it. Maybe even choose some Doctor Who fics that weren’t in the contest? That’d be even better because then you get the fics that haven’t been tossed around the site through swapping. :3

  2. Hetalia, Ouran High School Host Club, Legend of Korra, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Avengers!

    Imagine all the entries!! 😀

  3. What about my book? IT’s about Mary Morsin. From Sherlock.
    HELLO!!! I’ve worked really hard on it. But I’m still working on it so I see why they didn’t say anything.

    MY book title. ‘Bloody Mary’

  4. Ladies and gentlemen of Figment,
    All of those fanfictions are good, but the best fanfics are found in small numbers. These fanfics are bigger Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and One Direction put together. Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to bring forth..WWE fanfics!!!!

  5. Soul Eater and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I have SOOO many (current) stories for Soul Eater and upcoming ones for MLP.

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