Winners of the Loop Contest!

The Loop by Shandy LawsonBen and Maggie are stuck in a time loop. They keep living the same 48 hours over and over again: meeting, falling in love, dying. They want to beat the odds, but it’s hard to be successful when time itself seems to be working against you.

Inspired by The Loop by Shandy Lawson, we challenged you to write a story caught in a time loop. Figment editors read all of the entries and we sent the top ten finalists to Shandy for judging. Now, we’re super excited to announce the contest winners!

Be sure to congratulate the winners and check out their stories!

Grand Prize:

Shandy says: Awesome. There’s a lot of mystery here, but I’m totally satisfied not knowing exactly what’s going on. Too many unanswered questions often leave me irritated after I finish reading a story, but mystery is the whole point here and I love it. I understand the the progression, the sense of danger and the urgency, and it was enough for me to want to read it more than once. Which I did. A few times.

Congratulations, Verigold! You win copies of The Loop by Shandy Lawson, The Rules by Stacey Kade, Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone, and False Memory by Dan Krokos.


Shandy says: This is beautiful. The progression was great, from total mystery to (almost) complete understanding in just three little steps. Great little twist at the end, where she sort of turns the tables on her husband, tagging him as the one with memory issues. I see this as a great start to a longer story, a first-person mystery with the wife trying to piece together her past and why she’s less than human. Was she built? Is she an organic human mind implanted in an artificial body? (I’m imagining she was in a terrible accident and her husband, a clever scientific type, couldn’t bear to let her die and kept her going by any means possible, building a new body for her. But of course in the end she finds the truth is a much darker story than it appears.) Well done!

Shandy says: A pirate story! Gotta love pirates. You managed to get an awful lot of key elements packed into this one: A great setting, believable, well-motivated characters (with backstory!), and a thoroughly satisfying ending. Add to that the moral conundrum of “is it okay to punish based on what the perpetrator was going to do but didn’t actually do (yet),” and you have a terrific piece of writing. Awesome last line, too.

Nice job, Keayva and Katerina! You’ll each receive a copy of The Loop by Shandy Lawson.

Great writing, everybody! We loved reading your stories.

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