Figment’s Fandom Showdown

Figment Fandom ShowdownYou love the things you love. And we love that you love them. And you love us for loving that you love them? The point is, you guys like things a lot, so you join fandoms. And whether you’re a Potterhead, Twi-Hard, or a Brony, you are devoted.

Here at Figment HQ we wondered: Which fandom rules them all? And we know there’s only one way to figure that out. So without further ado, we present Figment’s Fandom Showdown!

We’ve collected 32 of the most popular fandoms out there. Now it’s time for you to vote for your favorites! Scroll through to read about the match-ups and then vote on the bracket below.

Harry Potter vs. Transformers

Harry Potter v TransformersPotterheads and Transformers fans have a lot in common: Both like things that . . . can turn into other things? Cars into giant robots and professors into cats are basically the same thing, right?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Buffy v MLPBronies is easily the weirdest fandom in this showdown. I mean, we respect all of your passions, but, really? Anyway, will Buffy slay the Bronies? Or will Bronies win out?

The Hunger Games vs. Once Upon a Time

The Hunger Games vs Once Upon a TimeIn Once Upon a Time, fairy tale creatures gets transplanted into the real world. In The Hunger Games, children get transplanted into a world in which they’re forced to battle to the death. Which is worse, really?

Doctor Who vs. Pretty Little Liars

Doctor Who vs Pretty Little LiarsIf the Liars could have traveled with the Doctor in the Tardis, they would have solved the whole A problem a whole lot sooner. We call dibs on this crossover fic!

Maximum Ride vs. Glee

Maximum Ride vs GleeIn a battle of the high school cliques, we’d take the Flock over Gleeks any day.

The Mortal Instruments vs. Homestuck

The Mortal Instruments vs HomestuckClary discovers the world of the Shadowhunters inside her very own New York City. John Egbert gets transported to the virtual world of Shurbs. Everyone has adventures. Everyone almost dies . . . a lot.

Sherlock vs. WWE

Sherlock vs WWeWWE wrestlers and Sherlock both have a flair for the dramatic. Sherlock might do well in the ring, actually — he’s pretty good at pretending to die.

Supernatural vs. Merlin

Supernatural vs MerlinBoth of these shows have some seriously good-looking gentlemen stars. That’s just . . . that’s all we’ve got.

X-Men vs. Lord of the Rings

X-Men vs Lord of the RingsWe’ll make this choice simple for you: Do you like Sir Ian McKellen better as Magneto or Gandalf?

Adventure Time vs. One Direction

Adventure Time vs One Direction Everyone in the Land of Ooo DEFINITELY knows they’re beautiful.

Star Trek vs. The Avengers

Star Trek vs The AvengersCan you imagine Spock and Tony Stark in a room? Can someone make that happen? Joss Whedon?

Hannibal vs. Percy Jackson

Hannibal vs Percy JacksonThere’s gotta be a cannibal/Greek god joke in there somewhere. A little help, fannibals!

Twilight vs. Star Wars

Twilight vs Star WarsLeia or Bella? We’re not trying to sway your vote, but that question has a correct answer.

Avatar: The Last Airbender vs. Game of Thrones

Avatar: The Last Airbender vs Game of ThronesGame of Thrones and Avatar: The Last Airbender characters have inherently different goals: one wants power, the other wants peace.

Naruto vs. Firefly

Naruto vs FireflyIf you combined Naruto and Firefly you would get a Japanese-American space ninja western. That’s definitely something we could get behind.

 The Walking Dead vs. The Vampire Diaries

The Walking Dead vs The Vampire DiariesActually, both of these shows could be called The Walking Dead. Get it? Because vampires aren’t really alive. See what we did there?

Which fandom is your favorite? Vote now! Click anywhere on the bracket to start voting. You can vote on Round One until Monday, July 15 at 11:59 a.m. ET. And check back on later in the afternoon to see who moved on to Round Two! (You can only vote for each round once.)

84 thoughts on “Figment’s Fandom Showdown

      • That’s just not fair!
        Merlin’s gonna be out in the first round! 🙁
        It was evil to put it up against Supernatural!
        They totally rigged it against Merlin.
        I’m sad now.

        • Me too. I love those shows equally! That’s why I don’t like competing fandoms because my heart would be torn apart :((( Now all we can do is to keep voting Merlin to make it have a draw with Supernatural.

        • NO OMG. If merlin loses I’m going to start sobbing my heart out. And then develop intense hatred for Supernatural even though I’ve never watched it T_T WHY FIGMENT WHY.

  1. Go Transformers, My Little Pony (watch Death Battle: Starscream vs Rainbo/w Dash to see just how AWESOME MLP is, I mean, Rainbow LITERALLY EATS Starscream! How is that not awesome! Besides, the Mane Six have a kick butt rainbow on their side, along with magic that grows STRONGER with the strength of their friendships, and if you’ve seen Fluttershy’s stare, then you KNOW that she would have every demon running and/or crying in fear! PEGASISTERS FOREVER!), Once Upon A Time, Doctor Who, Maximum Ride, (Haven’t heard of Homestuck until now, so I’m not going to vote since I don’t know enough about it to make a vote), Sherlock, (Don’t know enough about Supernatural to make a vote), X-Men (I like Lord of the Rings a lot, but mutants are just that little bit better), (Do they mean the band One Direction? That’s the only One Direction I’ve ever heard of, and I’m not voting on that part until I get some clarification), (I can’t decide between Star Trek or Avengers! I like them both too much to vote against either of them in a decision between the two!), Percy Jackson (I prefer the books over the movie, but still), Star Wars (Two of the Twilight books are OK, but Bella, Edward, and Jacob annoy me to the point where I just want to smack all of them and then go therapist on them all), Avatar: the Last Airbender (I’m a water bender), and Firefly (Naruto’s really cool and all, I actually like Kurama, and a crossover between the two would be cool to read, but if you’ve ever seen the movie Serenity, the fight scene between River and that horde of Reevers is explanation enough for why I prefer it) (I’ve never seen either the Walking Dead or the Vampire Diaries, so I’m not going to vote there)! You can do it!

  2. Did you really have to put all my favorite fandoms against each other? Am I actually supposed to choose now. 🙁

  3. Lessee, who all is here? Potterheads, Whovians, demigods, Directioners….Some of the nuttiest fandoms out there. Oh, dear. Is this wise?
    Maximum Ride is kicking Glee’s butt.
    But why is Star Trek not winning? I mean, I LOVED The Avengers, but Trek is a cult classic, people.
    What do you mean, you want me to choose between Once Upon A Time and THG?!

  4. Doctor Who has got to win this, no question. I mean, think about it. If you decide to pit the characters from these fandoms against each other in a fight, the Doctor’s just going to go back in time and totally own them–simultaneously–hand them each a banana and a complimentary fez, and leave before the contest even starts.

    • I donno… I mean, the Potterheads have Mrs. Weasley and the Whovians have Donna. I have this odd feeling the fandoms would just make an alliance…

        • An alliance would be AMAZING between the saner members of each fandom, but you have to worry about some of the more extreme members. I mean, I consider myself to be a relatively sane (I don’t think of myself to be completely sane thanks to a study done earlier this year, (and because I have always been one of the weirdest people out there) apparently, 90% of the world population is considered “psychiatricly abnormal” (A.K.A. crazy, weird, insane, strange, you think up more synonyms if you wish) by society, and the remaining 10% is what society considers “normal”, and the only way to remain “normal” is to have absolutely NO CONTACT with the 90% of the population that is “abnormal”) and minor Pegasister (female version of a brony), and I have met some of the more extreme fans and some of them scare me with how extreme they can take their obsession. I know that all fandoms have extreme fans that scare even their fellow fans. I doubt they would take an alliance lightly. They may even see it as a betrayal. Especially when you have people like me who dabble between fandoms, with an enthusiasm for many of them.

  5. Did you SERIOUSLY pit Supernatural against Merlin?


  7. Whoever put X-Men up against the Lord of the Rings is a serious mutie-hater. I love me some Tolkien, but X-Men all the way!

  8. 1)Transformers
    2)Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    3)Hunger Games
    4)Pretty Little Liars
    6)Mortal Instruments(LOOOVVEE them!)
    10)One Direction
    11)The Avengers
    12)….Hannibal (Hardest decision ever!! I haven’t seen the Percy Jackson, but I loved the books, but Hannibal is just awesome!)
    13)Star Wars
    14)Avatar: The Last Airbender
    16)The Walking Dead

  9. Shoot… Avatar vs Game of Thrones?! Those two are possibly my favorite fandoms EVER. Sorry Percy Jackson, the movie sucked so Hannibal beats you.

  10. I’m sorry but the comparisons here are more than slightly depressing. Twilight and Star Wars have NOTHING in common and the summary of Homestuck is NOT AT ALL CORRECT!!! Shrubs? you’ve got to be kidding me! John Egbert and his friends start playing a game that not only gets their planet destroyed, but gets them killed multiple times. It is ever so more complex than “he was transported into the game”.

  11. It’s gonna be Doctor Who/Harry Potter eventually, probably. How in time and relative dimensions in space will I make this life changing decision??? NOOOO!

    • Tell me about it. I mean, Doctor Who is the sole reason I have no life at the moment, but I’ve been a Hogwarts student since the Christmas I was eleven. How does one go about this? 😛

      • You have a life, it’s just different from what most coonsider a life. Besides, I believe (at the risk of sounding like a Hannah Montana fan) that life is what you make it, so you should do with it as you wish (within the boundries of the law of course). Yes, I am studying psychology and philosophy, no I am not hoping to be the stereotypical therapist. I am, however, interested in psychology.

  12. I’m dying laughing. This is fantastic. I mean, I’m really dying laughing. And all I have to say is HOW IS FREAKING BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER BEATING OUT MLP??????? Also. STAR TREK IS LOOSING? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!!?

  13. Egggh this isn’t quite fair. Harry Potter versus Transformers? Are you kidding me? Might as well advance the brackets right now, Figment. You rigged it good.

  14. Aww man, this is sorta rigged xD Should’ve gone with Harry Potter vs The Hunger Games, Sherlock vs Doctor Who or Supernatural (because I mean I’ve never even heard of WWE).

    But aghhhh I DONT UNDERSTAND. HOW IS STAR TREK LOSING. It’s classic guys, come on!

  15. Harry Potter/Both.


    Hunger Games

    Doctor Who






    Adventure Time. Definitely.

    Star Trek.


    Star Wars. No question.

    Game of Thrones


    The Walking Dead

  16. How is Star Trek losing? What? This is not right, people. Star Trek is the ultimate classic! THIS IS NOT RIGHT, PEOPLE! Oh, and the top three will probably be Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Doctor Who. Calling it right now.

  17. Harry Potter
    Hunger Games
    Doctor Who
    Maximum Ride
    Mortal Instruments
    One Direction
    Percy Jackson
    Vampire Diaries

  18. This first round was really easy for me, but, eek! What about round 2? Sherlock vs. Supernatural? And then how could I possibly be expected to choose between TMI and LOTR later on if they end up matched???

  19. Avatar: the Last Airbender all the way! That fandom was my first ever actual “fandom” I was a part of! I was a fan right from the beginning when I was like, ten years old when it first came out! Love it! WATER BENDERS RULE!

  20. Did they seriously just pit Supernatural against Merlin???? Magic must have a place in figment! On the other hand, did they really expect many people to vote WWE over Sherlock? That was one of the only decisions on this that was easy.

    My votes:
    Harry Potter (no question)
    My Little Pony
    Neither. I love them both too much.
    Doctor Who (definitely)
    Maximum Ride
    Neither. I haven’t seen/read either.
    Adventure Time
    Avengers (I’ve only seen the new movies, don’t blame me)
    Percy jackson
    Star Wars
    Neither, I haven’t seen them.

  21. How dare you Figment! Hannibal over Percy Jackson? AVATAR OVER GAME OF THRONES?!?!?!?!??!?!?! My heart is literally tearing in half -_____- And how can you put Once Upon A Time over Hunger Games? OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO GET CRUSHED. THE ODDS ARE CERTAINLY NOT IT’S FAVOR !!!!!!

  22. Okay if doctor who doesn’t AT LEAST come in second or third I will be REALLY upset. I won’t be surprised if Harry Potter wins though!

  23. Love how I haven’t seen a single complaint about Naruto. XD Among all this intense fandom fighting, there’s not a word about it. You go, guys. XD

    … By the way, Sherlock and Doctor Who, thank you very much. XD

  24. Hello, a Homestuck fan here.

    That summary sucked. It is spelled “Sburb”.

    “John Egbert and his friends are transported to a mysterious game-like realm. Everyone has adventures. Everyone dies . . . a lot.”

    That is a more apt description. The comic itself can be found online, here-

    Please read the things you are talking about, or at least get the low-down from Wikipedia.

    Spoiler: They’re not in a virtual world at all. Saying it is makes it sound really lame. It’s premise is more unique than that. Also, the comic is not only about John, it’s about many characters. It has a large ensemble cast and it’s built much like a saga, only more humorous.

  25. I feel like I’m the only Homestucker…but I’m sure that if y’all knew about it, it would’ve beat Clary and Co.

  26. Harry Potter, MLP, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Maximum Ride, Homestuck, Sherlock, Merlin, Lord of The Rings, Adventure Time, Star Trek, Percy Jackson, Star Wars, Avatar, Naruto, Walking Dead. Some of those shows, I don’t even watch, but I’m just guessing which one I would favor.

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