Fictionalize Yourself: A Flash-Fiction Contest–Day Three

We walk together to the kitchen. On these mornings when my brother makes breakfast, and my father’s hands skim my hair as he reads the newspaper, and my mother hums as she clears the table — it is on these mornings that I feel guiltiest for wanting to leave them.”

— Veronica Roth, Divergent

This week, we’re challenging you to fictionalize your life, and today’s prompt is inspired by the Prior family in Divergent.

Today’s Prompt (Wednesday, July 17):

In 100 words or fewer, write a scene in which you introduce your family in the novel of your life.

Tag your story FictionFlashWeek and FictionFlash3. You have until Thursday, July 18 at 11:59 p.m. ET to enter your story.

Between now and midnight on Saturday, July 20 keep checking the main challenge page for more prompts


Figment editors will be reading all entries. Five daily winners will be featured on the Figment homepage.

How to enter

1. Read the full rules.
2. Create an account on
3. Start a new writing of 100 words or less.
4. Tag your writing FictionFlashWeek and FictionFlash3 on the Details tab. (That’s two tags!)
5. Enter your response by the deadline listed in the prompt.
6. Press “Publish Now.”
7. You should receive a pop-up confirmation of your entry, and in about two hours or so, your piece should appear among the submissions.

Please note: The comment box below is only for questions about how to enter this contest or other logistical issues. For comments, thoughts, suggestions, complaints about the contest system, please visit our Contest Input forum. To find someone to read your story, try the Contest Promotion forum.

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2 thoughts on “Fictionalize Yourself: A Flash-Fiction Contest–Day Three

  1. Sorry to be a bother, but I do not understand the prompt. Are we supposed to write about MY family in Divergent or TRIS’ family? Or do I get to choose any novel?

    Thank you!

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