Doctor Who Guest Stars We Want in the 50th Anniversary Special

David Tennant, Billie Piper

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is coming up soon! Okay, so it’s coming in November, but we may or may not be counting down. We’ve already gotten word that some of our favorite characters will be guest-starring in this episode, including *gasp* Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) and David Tennant (the 10th Doctor)! After we stopped shrieking in excitement that Rose is coming back, we started thinking about some other characters we want to make triumphant returns on Who. There have been some awesome guest stars over the past few seasons. Who would you most like to see on the 50th Anniversary Special? Check out our picks below, then let us know your faves in the comments!

Lady Cassandra

played by Zoe Wanamaker

Cassandra technically died in the last episode she was in, but that doesn’t matter! The Doctor has a time machine, for goodness’ sake! Cassandra’s a totally amazing villain β€” we love the way she showcases the vanity and selfishness that humans can develop. Plus, we really just want to hear her say, “Moisturize me!” one last time.


Β Madame de Pompadour

played by Sophia Myles

We loved Madame de Pompadour’s story arc, and we were pretty bummed that it had to end after a single episode. Seriously, the Doctor yelling, “I just snogged Madame de Pompadour” AND a horse on a spaceship? What more could you ask for? We could be in luck with this one: Myles hinted last spring that she might be doing something Who-related.


Brian Williams

played by Mark Williams

As much as we hate thinking about Amy and Rory’s departure from the show, we can’t quite forget that Rory’s dad, Brian, has a completely unresolved storyline. Poor guy, staying home to water the plants while his son and daughter-in-law get trapped in the past forever. We’d love to see him get a little closure. The fact that he’s a fantastic character (and Mr. Weasley, to boot) just makes us want him back even more.


The Master

played by John Simm

The Master’s another character who never quite got a satisfactory ending. After all his villainy and crazy antics, we never find out definitively what happened to him. If he were to come back somehow, would he be good or evil? Would he regenerate again? Would he bring other Time Lords with him? So many possibilities!


Sally Sparrow

played by Carey Mulligan

Even though she was only in one episode, Sally is one of the show’s most memorable characters. She managed to hold her own against the Weeping Angels. And as little as we’d want to see the Angels come back, we’d definitely want Sally on the Doctor’s side if he had to face off against a similarly nefarious villain.


Jack Harkness

played by John Barrowman

Okay, so we might be getting a little greedy here. Captain Jack’s been in a lot of Doctor Who episodes already, and he even got his own spinoff series. But it’s been way too long since we’ve seen him on the original Who. He’s one of our very favorite characters, and we miss his unwavering loyalty and his flirtatious ways.


Which Doctor Who guest stars would you most like to see in the 50th Anniversary Special (or in future episodes)? Let us know in the comments!

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70 thoughts on “Doctor Who Guest Stars We Want in the 50th Anniversary Special

  1. I really want Madame D. and Sally to come back so badly! Jack’s kind of … yeah, “his flirtatious ways” get on my nerves. A lot.

  2. I’m dying for Jack to be in this special. Can you just imagine?

    Jack: *sees Clara* “Hi, Captain Jack Har-”
    10 and 11: *together* “Oh don’t start!”
    Jack: “I was just saying hello!”

      • I too wish for Christopher to come back. I hope all the talk about him not wanting to return is so that when he does we’ll all be extra excited to have him back. It would be just like him to …*no I won’t do it, I won’t cross my own timeline …ok fine. Get on with it.* And can you imagine him meeting 11.

        Also, people forget the gorgeous Georgia who was the doctors daughter and is Tennets wife… fun!

  3. I want Amy and Rory back!!!! They are my favorite companions, and their was no goodbye for Rory. Please bring them back!! Of just show them as being happy in the past

  4. You know who you’re missing? Okay, this would probably never happen, but Jenny. The Doctor’s daughter. I wish she’d come back.

    • I know right? They showed us that she lived, then she never came back! I liked her! She should come back. It doesn’t even have to be for the 50th, just in something!

  5. Personally, I’d love to see Captain Jack and River Song find their way back on to the show. I agree with the 2nd comment about the whole Captain Jack Harkness thing.

  6. I’d love to see Martha back for an episode. I thought that marrying her off to Mickey was kind of a cheap way to end her storyline. Of course, the Master just has to be in an episode with multiple Doctors, too.

  7. Jack. Jack jack jack jack jack. Jack needs to come back. Can you imagine the meeting between him and River?

    Jack: “Hi, Captain Jack Harkness.”
    River: “Hello sweetie.”
    Ten: “Oh don’t start.”
    Eleven: “Yes, yes I know you were just saying hello. Don’t.”

  8. Ugh, please no Madame D, as a Ten/Rose shipper I just wanted to punch her in the mouth to no end. But a big yes please to Jenny and Jackie and Jack. I’d like to see a better less tragic end to Donna as well. And as far as Amy and Rory– the Doctor is really freaking lazy because he could just park the TARDIS in Jersey and walk to New York to see them, like wtf?! He’s supposed to be clever…

    And can you guys imagine Jack meeting Twelve? Poor thing: “You’re the reason my boyfriend is dead!”.

  9. Lady Christina de Souza should definitely return. And so should the rest of torchwood- not just jack. And Luke smith. Hey, if we can’t have Sarah Jane…

  10. Evryone forgot to mention Wilf! He was the best character that was a non-companion. I loved seeing him on the reveal interview but I really wish to see him at the 50th, as well.

    • He’s totally a companion! He’s my favorite temporary companion!
      (My other favorites being Donna (as a primary), Rory (as a secondary), and Alfie/Stormy (as a temporary secondary).)

  11. People you left off:
    1:River Song (Alex Kingston)
    2&3 David Tennant & Christopher Eccleston
    4-6 Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) and DONNA!

  12. I didn’t read the whole thing. – Rose and The Doctor+ Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks, Cybernen,etc.) , Jenny, Strax, and Madame Vastra. The Great Intelligence, Mickey Smith, Rose’s Mom, Peter Capaldi, and anyone I missed

  13. I need to see Captain Jack Harkness. I love him so much! He definitely needs to be on the show! If Rose (Billie Piper) is on the 50th anniversary special I hope Mickey is on it too. He’s so funny. I miss Wilfred too…

  14. I would love to see Lady Christina de Souza (from Planet of the Dead) and Jenny (The Doctor’s Daughter). Both are kick-a$$ characters and deserve a bit more screen time. I was expecting Lady Christina to be companion but no such luck.

  15. Brian Williams did get an ending. BBC released a short video about how his grandson came to visit him. The grandson explained what happened to Amy and Rory.

  16. I don’t know how you guys will feel about this… Especially since figment HQ are in NYC but Captain Jack, he’s going to be at NYCC [New York Comic Con] on Saturday and Sunday.

  17. Wow, look at that, an article on the 50th suggesting guests only from the past eight years. How about Tom Baker or Sylvester McCoy? Carole Ann Ford? William Russel? Frazer Hines, Solphie Aldred, even Lalla Ward? I’d love to see Lalla Ward back a lot better than any of these blips on the radar (with the exception of the Master — who still shouldn’t come back because his story is over, having finally been resolved the way is was intended to resolved some 40 years ago).

  18. the masterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr should return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Captain Jack Harkness, hands down! Jack is THE best……other than all my other favorite people from Doctor Who. I can’t even begin to explain my excitement for the 50th!!!!!!!!!!! So good to have you fellow Whovians. :’) Haha!

  20. I really want Jenny to come back! I mean they never really said what happened to her after she flew off in a spaceship!!!

  21. There are so many people I want to see in the fiftieth episode. All of the remaining companions, of course: Rose, Martha, Donna – especially Donna, because her ending was just unbearably sad. I miss Jack as well, because the banter between him and Tennant was always beautifully done. I’d also like to see how Smith would handle his flirtatious ways.
    One of the other things that has always bothered me is the Doctor’s DNA daughter. She came back from the dead as a half Time Lord. You’d think that the doctor would cross her path sometime.

    Okay, my ranting is done.


  23. SALLY!!!

    I miss her so much!

    It won’t be her though..
    It’s just too long ago and too out of the blue πŸ™

    Jack will probably come back… which is great too πŸ™‚

  24. While Lorna Bucket is definitely one of my three favourite characters, sadly, she died at the end of the episode, so that probably won’t happen. But I definitely want to see Jenny come back. She was epic. I mean, they specifically made sure that we knew she was alive. And she still doesn’t have her own spin-off series. The least they could do is bring her back as a guest star. Donna would be cool, too, but it would have to be the Donna that was traveling with the Doctor, not the Donna whose brain would burn up if she remembered any of Season four, because I really don’t want to see her die. But, hey, the show is about a time traveller, so who knows?

  25. From my name you can probably guess that I think that John Simn(The Master) and John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness)

  26. Please bring the Master back! I thought he was so awesome and he was so evil! I thought he was just played really well by John Simm, and I have to admit, he was kind of cute in his own way. Plus, I think I heard that it was rumored that Benedict Cumberbatch was considered to play the Master if he regenerated. Wouldn’t that be freaking awesome?!

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