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Hey Figs,

We have some big news: is becoming part of Random House.

When we started Figment, we had a simple idea: to create a safe space for users to read, write, and share stories. Since the day we opened our doors, in December 2010, hundreds of thousands of you have joined Figment, producing hundreds of thousands of books. Over the past three years, we’ve seen an incredible community grow before our very eyes. Figment is, and has always been, a product of you. We’ve just been lucky to be along for the ride.

We have read amazing, humbling stories. We’ve met phenomenal writers. Writers whose names we’ll see on a bookshelf someday and proudly say, “We knew her!” and then hastily add, “Not, like, in real life, but we were super close online. It was this thing, hey don’t even worry about it. Let’s get coffee.”

We know this wonderful, weird community isn’t the kind of thing you find every day. Figment is incredibly special, and the collaborative spirit and endless creativity that you bring is the reason it will continue to grow.

Random House, one of the biggest publishers in the world, is dedicated to maintaining Figment’s integrity and openness. The site will remain the same today as it was yesterday. Your stories, comments, and forum posts will all be here. You’ll still own all your stories. Random House believes in the written word, in authors and books, and in the creative spirit—all the things we founded Figment to celebrate. We couldn’t think of a better steward for this supermegaawesome place.

We’re feeling a lot of feelings right now: gratitude, happiness, optimism. But mostly we’re excited to see the Figment community become bigger and better with Random House. Figment users are . . . well, you know what you are. You’re the best good thing about the site, and we know you’ll grow and thrive and become even more talented, creative writers than you already are.

The only thing better than each of you is all of you.


The Figment Team

51 thoughts on “Big News

  1. This is such a great thing! Figment is seriously the best writer’s website there is. I’ve tried Wattpad, and numerous other little sites, but Figment is the best. I’ve spend a year and a half on this site and I’m so happy it’s growing 🙂

  2. So what exactly does this mean? What will change? I love the website the way it is right now and don’t want it to change that much. Will our admins still be the same amazing people?

  3. So… Random House is one of the Big Six…

    We “publish” stories on Figment.

    Figment is now owned by Random House.

    We’re getting published by one of the Big Six, guys!! Yay! Dream come true!

  4. I think this is amazing news! Are they going to be reading some of our story’s? Do we have a chance for them to try and publish us? Either way, I think the choice to become partners with Random house was a great move! Wtg Figment. I love it here!

  5. I met the founder of Random House publisher in Austin TX at the ReWrite Conference. So cool you guys are partnering with them! This is gonna lead some pretty great things here on Fig. (:

  6. This is awesome! My sister, and my brother and I have tried Quotev and Wattpad. And some others, and not all of them are user friendly, or safe. I love this site, and thank you guys for everything youève done for us by making it!

  7. Its my first hour at figment….I mean literally.I just clicked the link on the confirmation email figment sent me…I don’t know what to make of this news… I get suspicious when big companies want to make friends with small communities.The article above says “Random House, one of the biggest publishers in the world, is dedicated to maintaining Figment’s integrity and openness.” only time will tell.

  8. I just joined Fig a day ago… and I felt like this place is not only full of wonderful stories but also helpful people that will review your work for the improvement of your story… Keep it up and Congratulations! 😀

  9. This is the best writing website by far. I’m so glad I stmbled across this! Not only are the stories fantastic but the people who write them are as well. The Figment Team is pure form of genius.


  10. Does this mean that the Figment editors will no longer be working with Figment???? *is not quite ready to let y’all go* Otherwise, great news!!! 😀

  11. Thanks so much, Figment! None of us would ever have gained the experience or confidence that we have today without this site, and I can honestly say that Figment has made more of a contribution to my writing than my Creative Writing class in high school. You guys are the greatest, so thank YOU for being supermegaawesome!

  12. So, you guys all dead over there now or something? This a hostile takeover? We haven’t heard anything for 5 days now, and the homepage is STILL “pensive pets”!! Please tell us no one died… :O

  13. Does this just mean Random House have easier ways to access new stories.
    Also, I love Random House because of the Ranger’s Apprentice. Go search it up

  14. Is it just me, or is nothing new being posted to the Daily Fig? I’ve noticed that ever since the announcement (which is awesome) nothing new has been posted. Is there a reason for this?

  15. Yah.. I getting stick and tired of Bookies they always has glitches and stuff going around , that makes mine brain want-a Sping 360% around >:P but thanks to Figment it change totally!! I just created a group call the Show Your Character (*Syc*) and I’m so proud of my self I don’t even known what too say.. But thanks YOU!!

  16. Alright Figment, or Random House, or whoever. It’s been too long! We want our contests and daily figs back. I love Figment; it’s by far the best writing community I’ve tried, but it’s been in a standstill for a month now and it’s driving us nuts!
    Hopefully someone who’s in charge will see this or some of the complaining in the forums and give us an explanation!

    I love Figment. Please don’t let it stop updating.

  17. i’m trying to get my teacher to make joining this website an extra credit piece,figment is a wondrous place to write!

  18. This is amazing. I hope there is a chance if Random House to hav contests to have works published. It would be be big and get stuff flying and growing faster. I have used this for two years and I love it. Can’t wait to what will happen next. Above all I am grateful this site exists at all.

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