Figment Alphabet Soup – Sharing Your Stories A-Z!

Today we’re celebrating the Alphabet, Figment style by featuring a random Figment story that has recently been updated starting with each letter of the alphabet! After you have reviewed them, let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite!

  1. An Awfully Big Adventure by Sienna
  2. Blackbird Pie by Alexandria Juliet Lenzi
  3. Cowboys and Fairies by Jeanette Nadeau
  4. Dare Me by Katie Swanson
  5. Ember by Storm Harrow
  6. Fighter by Delaney Sears
  7. Gracey by Sydney Dreamweaver
  8. Home by Kate Marr
  9. Inside the Rainbow by Isa Owen
  10. Just Write by Kate Marr
  11. Killer Melody by Nikki Hickle
  12. Lost in the Middle of Somewhere by Natalie Berger
  13. Midnight Hollow by Jacy S.
  14. Never Never Again by S. Olimpia
  15. Operation Z by Rachel Boland
  16. Paradox by Cassy blue
  17. Q Conspiracy by Bijou Lee
  18. Realm of the Deranged by Maya Delphin (Animanian)
  19. Stranger Than Fiction by Justin Barnes
  20. Take Me Under by Torrance Courtney
  21. Under the Surface by Marina Harper
  22. Vampire Love by Silent Scream
  23. Words Are a Portal by Eliza allen
  24. X-Volvio by Logan Rey.
  25. Yellow Mountain by Mervyn
  26. Zone ELEVEN by Jazlyn

– The Figment Team

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