What We Hide Contest Winners! #FigmentLies

Congratulations to the following winners of the What We Hide FigmentLies contest! If you see your story and name mentioned below, be sure to check your e-mail soon!

Thank you all for entering! Check out our contests page and learn how to enter the latest We Were Liars contest!

  1. The Runaways by Jada
  2. Remember Me by Writer
  3. A Goddess More or Less by Adelyn
  4. Dead Dads, Fake I.Ds, and Pranks by Olivia Ringley
  5. Playing With Fire by PandaAsiran
  6. The Strangers by shak Issa
  7. A Family Lie by Marissa LaPorte
  8. Killer Lies by Trinity Rico
  9. Triplets of Salem by courtney king
  10. I Promise by Zufishie

9 thoughts on “What We Hide Contest Winners! #FigmentLies

    • Hi Olivia, it is completely safe as long as you receive an email from admin@figment.com. You will not be getting an address request from us from any other email address. If you don’t feel comfortable receiving your book you will also have your story featured on our website, newsletter and social media pages!

      • Thanks, my mom is still deciding on whether or not she wants me to do it. When is deadline for sending my email address?

    I’m looking forward to reading the winning entries and am so impressed that you are such dedicated writers. Way to go!

    (author of What We Hide)

    • Thank you, Marthe! It’s an honor to have you visit the site. I’m sure our very talented group of Figgies will also be honored to know you will be checking out their entries to the contest. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

    • Thanks Marthe! It’s so exciting to know you are going to read our winning entries! Quite the unexpected surprise.
      I’m excited to read your novel!

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