Who’s Your Favorite Figgie?

Do you have a favorite Figgie?

Know of someone that you think should be featured for not only their outstanding writing in Figment but for the reviews they leave, activity in the forums, other social media accounts related to Figment, etc?

We want to know about it!

Vote for your favorite Figgie below in the comments (it can’t be yourself!) and let us know why you’re voting for them with a link to their profile.

We may or may not be starting a weekly ‘Featured Fig’ section soon so start voting!

– The Figment Team

275 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Figgie?


      She is SOOOO sweet, her writing is amazing, her reviews are honest and contain AMAZING feedback. SHe HAAASSSS to be FEATURED FIG!

      THanks so much!

  1. I think it should be Ryann Ravenwood. She has amazing original ideas and all of her stories are really well written. She is also really involved in Figment so I think that she deserves it!

    • Yeah, definitley ‘Ryann Ravenwood’. And I also vote ‘Ayse Avan’, because she writes the best books and her groups are…well, beyond words! πŸ™‚

  2. I think Kendall is a great writer. All of her books are greatly written with lots of detail. Every book I read of hers always gets my attention. The plot lines are interesting and always can have a complete change to it and make things a bit suspenseful.She gives helpful reviews without letting down the author and sometimes compares her life with the book which can be helpful. Her books give real life situations that are truly interesting. She is one of the reasons I am addicted to Figment!


  3. Sally Balboa. I always like what she writes, and she’s made me cry more then once. I’ve seen some of the reviews that she’s gives people, they’re always helpful and when she has to be mean you can tell that she hates it, but is only doing it because she wants you to become a better writer.


  4. Anastasia Boyd should win because she loves to read and write and is incredibly talented at both. She is open to swaps and is always happy to read other peoples writing but she isn’t well-known on Figment and she should be. She introduced me to Figment and is always so encouraging and supportive when she reads my drafts. Her writing is so good it makes me want to do a fanfiction on her fanfiction. I think she deserves to win because she is a great writer and not enough people read her stories!

  5. Hi. My name is J. Castro and I am the creator & head judge of the annual creative writing competition “AMERICA’S NEXT GREAT AUTHOR” featured on Figment. I have two nominees for this category, both very talented, hardworking writers worthy of being featured in your “Featured Fig” section.

    1.) Erica Cortez: CLICK HERE
    Erica is 24yr old mother of two from North Dakota. She was the first winner of ANGA, Vol. 1

    2.) Andrew Liu: CLICK HERE
    Andrew is a 19yr old college student from California. He was the winner of ANGA, Vol. 2.

    You can view all of their prize winning entries on the ANGA main page: CLICK HERE

    Thank you.

    • Also, we’re gearing up for the upcoming ANGA, Vol. 3 are accepting audition submissions right now! (Deadline: May 15th)

      If you could help us get the word out by featuring us on your homepage it would be greatly appreciated. We want to get as many talented Figment writers to audition as we can! Your help in doing so would be of tremendous value. Thanks.

  6. Erica Cortez and Andrew Liu!

    I’ve ha the chance to work with both of them and read their writing an they are both outstanding writers!

  7. R A Black. She is a fantastic writer and is also an active participant on this site, giving out lots of wonderful and helpful feedback to various people. She definitely deserves to be featured.

    My first attempt to link didn’t work (apologies), so here it is again: http://figment.com/users/293978-R-A-Black

    • I second that nomination! Her work deserves much more recognition than it has and all of her books are simply amazing! πŸ™‚

  8. I think Ryann Ravenwood because she’s not afraid to write things to get people thinking and she’s really nice.

  9. So here’s the bit where I post an obnoxiously long list, but I don’t care. These are writers to watch, my friends:

    Samantha Chaffin

    Jackie Falcon

    Kimberly Karalius


    Hannah Rachel

    Janelle Labelle

    Kristin Yuki

    Savannah Cowan

    Laina Van Wingerden


    Umm, I think that’s all I got off the top of my head. As if that’s not like, a whopping big list. And I’m gonna be honest, I’m too tired of typing to tell why they’re epic, but if you don’t it already, I IMPLORE YOU TO READ THEIR BOOKS!! So good. Thy enrich my life.

  10. Oh. I see I was supposed to qualify my votes… errr. Well, can I sum up? They inspire me. Each of the names I mentioned is that of a talented, thoughtful, wonderful, dedicated writer with real promise, grace in their writing, and humility. They also take this business seriously (from college students to moms to people-who-I-thought-were-older-because-they’re-just-so-impressive) and also look at life with humor and an abiility to laugh at themselves. I love them. And none of them bribed me. πŸ˜‰

  11. I would like to nominate Kas. She writes seriously good reviews, and is active in the forums. She always has something, “Interesting”, to say. I like her writing too, because she is one of the few people on this website who doesn’t write anything to do with YA.
    I am honestly surprised that more people haven’t heard of her.

  12. Mara Duval is an amazing figgie! She is definitely a talented writer and she helps people on their writing by reviewing it and telling the truth but doing it in a polite way.

  13. Phelpsy! Because she has three awesome novels in the works and is a great commenter (excuse the fake word)! She’s an awesome friend and is definitely an awesome Figgie! πŸ˜€

  14. Here are my nominations:


    Daniel, is the founder of one of the best cover groups in all of Figment, Cover Design. He is also a fantastic writer and an awesome friend. He is the one who thought me to be the graphic designer I am today. I am nominating him for, Greatest Graphic Designer, Awesome Writer, Amazing Teacher, and Incredible Author.

    Here’s the link to his account: (I would do the red hyperlink version, but I don’t know how to do that in the forums.) http://figment.com/users/74413-Daniel-Jimenez


    Georgie, is one of the greatest cover designers on Figment. She is a wiz with Photoshop and she’s also a terrific writer too. She’s only fifteen and she can make killer covers and write amazing stories. I nominate her for, Killer Graphic Designer, Outstanding Writer, and Awesome Fig awards!

    Link to here account: http://figment.com/users/217614-Georgie


    Kiara, isn’t a writer, but she is one the greatest cover designers on this site! She makes the awesomest (had to make up a word there) graphical creations! She’s also the nicest person I know. She tries to help other designers better their skills and she shocks me with her creations in my contests. I nominate her for, Outstandingly Brilliant Graphic Designer!

    Link to her account: http://figment.com/users/29426-Kiara-Marie

  15. I’d like to nominate a Fig who deserves much more attention than he gets. His name is Adam Bunch, and he is a phenomenal writer and artist. He painted and made his cover for, Tricerychon from scratch.

    He’s been a user for a year now, but he hasn’t had much attention here. I personally know him outside of Figment. So, I know how much he does and how much time he doesn’t have to make a name for himself on this site. So, I’d like to nominate him for being a stellar fantasy/scifi author and for being an amazing artist!

    Here is a link to Adam’s profile: http://figment.com/users/290550-Adam-Bunch

  16. Katie Miller. Extremely dedicated to writing, and she keeps getting better with every book she writes. Plus, she has cool covers and titles and stuff haha.

    Also, she leaves detailed reviews for each chapter of the book she’s currently reviewing. I’ve never seen anybody else do that, and I think it’s really cool.

    Here’s a link: http://figment.com/users/102772-Katie-Miller

  17. I think Rebekah should be a Featured Fig! Why? Hm. There are many things I could list, but one my favorite things about her novels is how she makes her characters live and breathe like nobody’s business. You can tell the effort she’s put into creating these personalities, of making them so much like real people it’s extremely frightening, but at the same time, mesmerizing. I’m a huge fan of her books because I can seriously escape from reality from the moment I begin reading, to the second I manage to peel my eyes away from the screen to realize that I forgot where I was and who I was. Please feature her because she definitely deserves it! She’s a great person, both inside and out.

  18. Hi, I entered the contest on Instagram to be the next featured fig and it says on Figment’s Instagram account that the person with the most likes on their picture would be a featured fig and I have the most hearts and yet I still haven’t been contacted to be featured. So I was just wondering if you could email me and explain.

  19. I’d like to suggest four amazing authors! They not only have amazing writing skills but are also all genuinely kind and lovely people.

    Laina Van Wingerden:


    Her stories are phenomenal. Like seriously amazing. Her descriptions are so vivid and clear that it’s basically like watching a movie in your head while you read. Whenever she updates Faith, I have to force myself not to drop everything that I’m doing and read the next chapter right then and there. πŸ˜›



    Her short stories are so well paced that they don’t even feel short, and her long stories are timeless and fairy tale-like. She’s a wonderful person to talk to, and I’m not even going to get started on how much I drool over the covers she creates for her works.



    She was one of the first people to give me consistent reviews, and I love her for them. She can review like nobody’s business AND do it with tact and a good spirit. Her advice and suggestions are insanely helpful. Not only that, but her own writing is so much fun to read. She doesn’t have it on Figment at the moment, but her “The Fey Prince” is one of my favorite stories I’ve read on this site. πŸ˜‰

    And last, but not least, Linda D:


    Another of the first people to give me consistent reviews on my stories, Linda has been an invaluable help through her reviews. Her own writing is always infused with laughter and lightheartedness, and there’s never a dull moment. If you ever want to laugh and feel good, definitely read a Linda D story.

  20. http://figment.com/users/263075–That-Crazy-Chick-

    Genie is both a good person and a good writer. Okay, no, she’s an AMAZING writer. She’s very active and gives constructive feedback, and her books are incredibly original (with a lot of witty dialogue that I haven’t seen anybody else top). She has a ton of talent, and in every way deserves a feature.


    L. E. Ingledon’s work is absolutely gorgeous (but don’t take my word for it; go read Hashu’s Winter and be blown away like I was). Unfortunately, these works don’t have very many reads at all, so a feature would definitely be helpful and well-earned.

  21. My sister Rose Johnson (http://figment.com/users/221239-Rose-Johnson) is my inspiration for writing. She started writing when she was around 10 and pushed me to write and finish my first book last year.

    My sister’s dream is to be a recognized published author, and she does so much for me, and all of our family. When my mom turned into a single mom working a job that kept up most of her time my sister (12 at the time) had to be there for me and our youngest sister. And although times are a lot better now she is still our biggest helping hand.

    I wish I could help her writing being noticed by you all. She’s great at poems and short stories. I love her more than anything, that is why I think she deserves to be on the home page!

  22. I’m going to nominate three people who are, in my opinion, three of the most genuine people on this website. Also, they are good writers TO BOOT!

    Headintheclouds- http://figment.com/users/237710-Headintheclouds

    This girl can seriously turn a phrase and keep her reader coming back for more. Her works of Key and Stone and Wingless are great examples of her incomparable creativity. Not only does she write well, but she gives back to the community with thoughtful, in-depth reviews on many members work. I know my writing has improved greatly by having her critique my work.

    Cassie Rose- http://figment.com/users/100592-Cassie-Rose

    This girl is such a sweetheart to talk with on figment. If I could use one word to describe Cassie, it would be PASSIONATE. Both about writing and shipping. She gives wonderful reviews with such invaluable feedback. I can’t recommend her writing enough, as well. True Tales is such fun read as well as so many of her other stories.

    Marie Williams- http://figment.com/users/349341-Marie-Williams

    If you want someone to read your entire story, go to Marie. She is a super fast reader who is always willing to give critical and thoughtful feedback on stories. She may only have one story on figment (which is fabulous btw) but she is such a valuable reviewer, I wouldn’t know where my stories would be without her and her treasury of historical knowledge. Plus she is incredibly nice. And has awesome pinterest boards full of story inspiration.

    • I second Headintheclouds! I can’t stop reading her stuff no matter how much I try it is one of the sole reasons why I continue to come and check figment. To see if she had updated something.

  23. I nominate jay, because xe is really strong and brave and amazing. Xe’s always helping other people through stuff, big or small, and is always there for xyr friends.

  24. Delaney Sears should be the next Featured Fig! She is wonderful with writing hooks that lead the reader slowly into her stories and capturing readers’ immediate interest, her descriptions are vivid, and her characters are interesting and varied.

  25. Madalynn D: http://figment.com/users/306494-Madalynn-D- Madalynn carries a happy and helpful air when working to carry along a story. She writes beautifully, and begs for hard critic in hopes that it can help her. She doesn’t only help others to return favors either; she’ll critic kindly and tell you when your writing needs to flow differently, but she always makes sure it is said in such a positive way that there is no question about rudeness. She chooses her words carefully, and hopes for everyone to be successful in their writing careers. She promises to help them. Once I was very busy and swamped with swaps and she said she’d read mine for free because I needed the help.

  26. So, off the top of my head:

    Hannah Rachel (http://figment.com/users/64334-Hannah-Rachel) because she is such a brilliant writer and her stories are just amazing. They’re soft and very clever. She builds her characters so well, you start to think they’re real.

    Lydia Albano (http://figment.com/users/29605-Lydia-Albano) since she’s just amazing as well! Her stories are like epics; long adventures, heroines, mystery and intrigue.

    Samantha Chaffin (http://figment.com/users/27122-Samantha-Chaffin) because I just love her historical novels. Actually, just all the stories she has are just very intricately put together and her writing just pulls you in.

    Oh, and Kimberly Karalius (http://figment.com/users/414-Kimberly-Karalius)! She’s a beautiful writer and her stories are one of the most intriguing I’ve ever read. Her fantasy stories are absolutely sublime.

  27. I would have to say Sierra. Shes an amazing love story author and I think all her ideas are just great. I would love it if she got the credit she deserved. Shes got a few books up and I dont know there names by heart. But I do know my favorite. Its called Voices. She is also the only person that actually continues to talk to me on this site. So I feel like she should get something back. Shes honestly just the greatest!


  28. I second the rebekah paramore nomination! she always swaps back and leaves long reviews on stuff she really likes. Plus, her writing is just incredible!!

  29. P-H-E-L-P-S-Y!


    She is one of the greatest writers I know, she has great potentoal, and has a really great novel in debute (INSIDE MY MIND), and it deserves to be recognized.

  30. J.C. Marie. She hasn’t been on long, but I love her writing style. She leaves great reviews, and she just loves literature and writing, and it shows.

  31. I want to nominate Sunny Little for her amazing writing and graphics, and for running the Imaginarium and thinking up excellent contest ideas. She’s wonderful and more than deserving of the spot as featured fig. πŸ™‚

    (I mean, have you read any of her work? I absolutely love it.)

    • I second the nomination for Sunny Little! She and everyone at The Imaginarium do stunning work and somehow always find time to do more than is humanly possible. Sunny is super nice and always comes up with such fantastic ideas.

      • Thirding the nomination for Sunny Little. She’s a great writer and person, and her group The Imaginarium is awesome!

        • I agree with everyone above me and would like to add a fourth nomination for Sunny. She’s amazingly creative in both her graphics and writing, and The Imaginarium is probably the best-run group on Figment. She definitely deserves it!

  32. Cassidy Petrillo! She’s an outstanding author and a great friend of mine. I have literally spent HOURS reading almost all her novels, and definitely will continue to keep up with her novels-in-progress. http://figment.com/users/210782-Cassidy-Petrillo-

    steven tyler! He’s one of my closest friends, and his poetry is outstanding. He is great with critique as well as personal advice, and his poetry should be published in a book, I kid you not. http://figment.com/users/277298-steven-tyler

    Jo! She’s one of my best friends as well, and has been there for me all during the great and challenging process off completing my first ever novel! Her novels-in-progress are amazing, and I love keeping up with her work. http://figment.com/users/335697-Jo

    There’s so many more, but these were the first people that came to mind that haven’t been featured figs yet. (:

  33. I think Selena Brooks should be the next Featured Fig! She has written so many, incredible books. She is kind and willing to help everyone. She definitely helped me with my upcoming book. Selena has written many books, and she has done so much. I’m very, very proud of her.

    Please vote for Selena Brooks, she deserves it!

  34. I think that Daisy Cabret should be the next featured fig. She hasn’t been around figment for long, but even so she has created four amazing stories. Even though they sort of have a dark mood to it, she manages to write them in a way that keeps the reader reading. She also gives amazing and helpful advice on people’s work, and puts a lot of thought into each review/comment.


    • I second that nomination. I have read all of her writing and she has proved that she really does deserve to be a featured fig. She is also very encouraging, and is trying to persuade me to post my writing on here.

      Daisy deserves it!

      • I third this nomination for Daisy. She is super nice, and is an active member in many groups.

        She also leaves extremely long reviews on peoples work.

        Daisy for featured fig!

  35. I think gray wind should be the next Featured Fig. gray gives amazing reviews. Also, gray started this group called Nice and Dandy Reviews to help other authors hone their writing skills. As a member of the staff of this group, I can truly say gray is one of the most dedicated figgies out there. I hope to see her name featured on the homepage one day soon!

  36. I think gray wind should be the next Featured Fig. gray gives amazing reviews. Also, gray started this group called Nice and Dandy Reviews to help other authors hone their writing skills. As a member of the staff of this group, I can truly say gray is one of the most dedicated figgies out there. I hope to see her name featured on the homepage one day soon! http://figment.com/users/377792-gray-wind

  37. I think Albus Severus Potter should be the next featured fig. She always leaves the nicest reviews whenever she reads someones work, and she is a fantastic group leader in the group, ‘Want One of Your Books to Be Reviewed?’. Albus has also written a number of stories, which are all wonderfully written. Again, Albus should be the next featured fig!

    Link: http://figment.com/users/361422-Albus-Severus-Potter

  38. I say M.A. Haidar. He is nice and gives good reviews. He kept the Battle Ballads going when I and many others gave up. I still don’t like hippos because of that. lol

  39. I think that Jezebel Katerina is a great pick for featured fig. She writes so well and so consistently. Her characters are complex in interesting, both in her writing and her roleplaying. She’s awesome!

  40. I think Erika Tappy should be chosen. NOt only she is dedicated to writing, i find that she is a kind and helpful girl who helps newbies like me and she encourages me. I need to thank her a lot. Hence i think ERIKA TAPPY should be chosen!!!

  41. I think Alex Black should be our next featured fig. I’m going to be honest, I’ve read everything on her profile (call me weird, but somehow I came across her profile when looking through figment trying to find my way around), and she’s truly brilliant. Yes, some of her stuff does have some grammar glitches, but she’s open to criticisms and clearly works hard to correct herself and learn from her mistakes. She touches many genres of writing, including poetry, not to mention she makes awesome covers! I’m new to figment, but already I can see she is quite active in the community. Giving kind, constructive and thoughtful reviews to other people’s stories, and always being so positive. Her writing is so eye opening and different, and always keeps me wanting more! Overall, she’s a very talented artist with lots of potential, and stories worth sharing with the world!

    Please consider her sincerely to be next weeks featured fig, she very much deserves it (here is the link to her profile: http://figment.com/users/250405-Alex-Black) and also the link to her cover shop: http://figment.com/topics/534052-Alex-s-Cover-Shoppe-OPEN-always-free-
    Check her out! She’s great!

    Ken P πŸ™‚

  42. My two nominations would be:

    1. Chiara Damiani – http://figment.com/users/166068-Chiara-Damiani

    2. Katherine Brown – http://figment.com/users/371418-Katherine-Brown

    Chiara is a wonderful writer with such a strong and vivid imagination. You can give her a topic and just come with a briliant story on the spot! I have read all her work in figment and beyond and I think she deserves more than anything to be in the spotlight of this site.

    Katherine is my number one poet in here. Not only she is a wonderful person with a big, loving heart but also a poet of tremendous capabilities. Her poems stir emotions and narrate a story so vivid, that it affects you even after you read them!

    Both Chiara and Katherine are two of the reasons I daily log into figment to read what they got new!

  43. I would like to nominate Charys Lane as the next featured Fig. She has written a piece entitled “The Cursive Warrior” that is fresh and unlike anything I’ve been reading on Figment and it’s so well written that when I receive notification that she’s updated with a new installment I can hardly wait to read it.
    I’ve posted the link to this story, because it’s just that good!


  44. I believe Julian Jaigar should be then next featured fig.

    His stories are so perfectly balanced between amazing raw emotions and descriptions. It will definitely leave you wanting to read more. Not only that, but English isn’t even his first languages, yet he is able to convey everything so wonderfully! Julian’s stories definitely give the reader a new perspective of things.


  45. I recommend you make Behind Sapphire Eyes featured fig. Not only is he dedicated to writing he’s one of the best (And most active) people on this site. He is an AMAZING cover artist and he leaves great reviews. He is so incredibly sweet to everyone he meets.

    He also helps run one of the most successful groups on here called “Cover Designs”

    I would be really happy to see him as featured fig.


  46. Emma Midday is one of my favorite figgies because she’s a good friends and is always willing to help with writing if you ask her for advice. She’s a very dedicated figgie with her writings, groups, and friends and she definitely deserves more recognition for her amazing works.

  47. I vote Julz da Jewel. She has great writing and is a really nice figgie. She never is appreciated for what she does, so this would be great for her! (I don’t know how to link)

    • Yes, Emma Harrison is so wonderful! I love reading her writing, especially her short stories and poetry. She is also an amazing cover designer!

    • Tate Thurgood! She had an awesome writing style and voice that is unique and beautiful. Her current novel in progress, The Each Boy, blows my mind!

  48. I have two people I wish to nominate. Now the reason I’m nominating these two people is because they welcomed me into figment and I figured I better help market them because. Either one of them will do, I just really want to thank them for welcoming me into figment. The two people I wish to nominate (note: you can pick either one if I can only nominate one but I figured I put both of there names here because they both welcomed me into figment) and their names are Erika Tappy and phillip. I bet they be really happy and again I just wanted to show that I cared! Anyway hope either one will do and thanks for your time! Have a nice day!

  49. I would like to nominate Chantal Maraduke! She doesn’t have much in the way of writing, but what she does have written is amazing!

  50. Julz da Jewel! She is a hard worker and always helps other before herself. Her writing is great, and she needs to be recognized!!!

  51. Tate Thurgood! Her writing is sooooooo good, but she really needs people to tell her that! Plus, she’s just generally amazing!

  52. Little Red should ‘at the least’ be looked at. Especially for her work titled… The grey.

    People, read this… see if I’m wrong/

    • Yes, Emma Harrison! I love her poetry and short stories! Whenever she reads a story, she leaves a nice length comment that includes suggestions as well has the good stuff. Emma Harrison should definitely be the Featured Fig!

  53. Aidan-ashley! http://figment.com/users/342830-Aidan-Ashley
    She has such a variety of genres that she writes in – short stories, novels, Magic, Love, Murder, etc.
    Ive also seen her active in groups, and I once had a conversation with her, and she once told me she actually goes to the heartbased contests, and likes and gives feedback on peoples books to get them noticed/to help them win.
    She also helps evryone promote, and works so hard to keep active in the figgie community.

    Forgive me, but, uh, I might be in love?

  54. I don’t know by how to link. I nominate Abnormalailen. She’s one of my good friends on here and one of the most active people in my nerdfighteria group. We chat on each other’s pages. She has cancer, but seems to be doing fine. I vote her! πŸ™‚

  55. I think Sarah should become featured Fig. She has not only helped with groups I’m in but she inspires me. She has also become so close to me we (my sisters, her and myself) call each other sisters. She has helped us through the hardest parts of the last two years and really make us feel so special. She’s an amazing girl. She helps her family with things that not a lot of teenagers help with. She works hard at school and balances out a part-time job in the Summer-time and still finds room to read and write. She’s the perfect one to show as featured Fig.



  56. I think Awsomesauce should be Featured Fig because she is so kind and playful, in both the forums and in her reviews. In RL, she is related to me.

  57. I say Amna; she writes like a total pro and has inspired me to do the same! She and I are very much alike, especially when it comes to favorite authors!!!!

    Link: http://figment.com/users/412611-Amna

    I also vote for M.S. Dreamcatcher. Dreamcatcher and I are the only two active people in a group of five Figs and M.S. convinced me not to leave. We’re having a great time at “Wild Imagination”!

    Link: http://figment.com/users/377901-M-S-DreamCatcher

    Thanks and have a Friday-licous day!!! πŸ˜€

  58. Neveah Elle should be the next featured figgie. Her poems are deep, inspirational, and well written and for this i think she should be recognized.

  59. Frankie Racks is also a very inspirational writer that i believe should be recognized. his poetry is wonderful and i think it needs to be shared with more people. i believe those who have something worth while to say should be heard. and he definitely has something important to say in his writings!

  60. Angelina Mickey Pug! Not only does she make her stories VERY mysterious and interesting, but she works very hard on all of them! She would really deserve it. AND she’s on almost all of the time, so I’m sure it would mean a whole lot to her! She has been a member for a while now. So again I say, she would really deserve it! She VERY rarely makes any spelling mistakes, and she doesn’t make any grammar mistakes either! I hope you take this into consideration. πŸ™‚ Thanks and have a wonderful day!

  61. Eve Harrison because not only are her stories great, but she is a wonderful person. She reached out to me in my dark times- and I have never even met her in person. She cares so much and a great way to show how much she means would be if she was featured fig!! Please consider her, she has made such a positive impact on my life, and she deserves to be recognized.

    Here is her page: http://figment.com/users/384872-Eve-Harrison

  62. I have a few.

    Emma Harrison, whose poems are so dark and deep and raw and beautiful that I’m just in awe. Her stories are just as good, too. Link: http://figment.com/users/308817-Emma-Harrison

    Witchcult Lamb. They have such a unique, powerful, and hooking style of writing, it just leaves me breathless. I have yet to read a piece of theirs that I don’t just fall head over heeels in love with. Link: http://figment.com/users/74397-Witchcult-Lamb

    Valkerie Thomas, whose got a ton of really good works that cover a wide range of likes. They’re all really, really hooking and you can tell how much she works on them. Link: http://figment.com/users/211795-Valkerie-Thomas

  63. I nominate Misty Archer, because she is dedicated to her writing and is very active in her roleplays/groups. Misty always has an open ear for advice, and she isnt afraid to show her writing to people when she knows it isnt done or at its best. She is a very kind figgie and I wish she knew who I was (I’m using a different name instead of my fig name) I hope she becomes Featured Fig πŸ™‚


  64. Okay, so it’s a list, instead of one person, but I can’t decide. I mean, that’s like asking me if I like chocolate or fudge better. πŸ˜›

    1) Samantha Chaffin http://figment.com/users/27122-Samantha-Chaffin

    —Her stories just pull you in (you never look back).

    2) Laina Van Wingerden http://figment.com/users/76715-Laina-Van-Wingerden
    —-Her stories have so much imagery.

    3) Cassie Rose http://figment.com/users/100592-Cassie-Rose
    —-I can’t even begin to describe how much a gift her stories are.

    4) L.R. Bauer http://figment.com/users/281198-L-R-Bauer
    —-Such unique ideas in her stories.

    5) Kayelin R http://figment.com/users/59193-Kayelin-R
    —-Her fairy stories are the only ones I’ve read so far, but those are just…wow…there’s no words I can use to describe jsut how wonderful a treasure they are to read/find.

    And that’s my list. Read a story from each. Decide. Feature them, please. They all deserve it so much.

  65. I nominate Kaylee Bowing. Her novel “Diversity” is AMAZING and she has a lot of other awesome works as well.

  66. I really really think aceandpenny31083 should be featured fig. She is a close friend, and deserves a LOT more attention. She is working on a story called Sweet Innocence and it is soooo good. It raises awareness for some uncommon diseases and breaks a bunch of stereotypes as well. I know a lot of people probably won’t vote for her, but I sure do, and I hope my vote is strong enough. It would be soooo great if she was featured.
    Her Figment is here: http://figment.com/users/419016-AceandPenny31083

    Please consider her. Thank you!

    • I vote for her because she has amazing writing and she is very nice about how she responds to people…

  67. I don’t know if they’ve been Featured Figs before (they probably have, honestly), but Rose Ink and OvercomingDyslexic write amazingly. Like, absolutely amazingly.

  68. I vote for Kate Onyx. This girl is amazing. She’s full of jokes and encouragement for not only her friends, but everyone around her. Her writings are very inspiring and hilarious. If she doesn’t deserve Featured Fig, then I don’t know who does. πŸ™‚

    Kate Onyx’s profile.

  69. Ellie should be the featured fig. Not because she is a great writer or anything, even though she’s REALLY good at it, but because the reason she writes is to try to help others through those writings, and when she’s not writing, she is maintaining a group that is pretty difficult to take care of, and the whole purpose of that group is to help others improve their writing. She is a really kind hearted person and, if she’s featured fig, maybe she’ll see that she is good enough to get published.


    If not Ellie, than Mimi Fera, because she is just THAT awesome. XD


  70. I think CEMO deserves to be a featured fig, here’s why:

    – She is dedicated to writing, she plans meticulously and figures out every detail of her story before even starting to write.

    – She gives long, helpful, and objective reviews: she points out errors while helping you solve them and encouraging you to try again.

    – She is an amazing writer! Not to mention she has a published short story.


  71. a) When’s the next Featured Fig happening? It’s been far over a week.
    b)I recommend Ryanne Kap if she hasn’t already been featured before πŸ™‚

  72. Natasha should be features fig if she hasn’t been featured already. She writes amazing stories, owns a group, makes covers, she does a lot of stuff here.

  73. There are an abundance of members who should be given the honor of being a featured figgie, including:

    -Noelle Alabaster

    -Jennie F. Lee

    -Jackie Yang


    -Si Jia


    -Jazmin Avila

    just to name a few!

  74. My good friend, Julia, is an amazing author and deserves to be a Featured Fig.

    The quality of her writings are outstanding and are widely popular in the Figment community.

    She always took time to complete swaps with care and effort. But with so much schoolwork, she can no longer swap but she does care enough to read her followers books and give a heart if they deserve it.

    And she’s inspired so many around fifteen people (in less than a year) to make Figment accounts and post their own writing which is making Figment more popular.

    And not to mention that she’s been on Figment for almost a year now.

    Julia is also one of the nicest girls I know and she deserves this so much. Hopefully she’ll get a chance to be a Featured Fig.

  75. I definitely think that Gray (http://figment.com/users/417458-gray) should be able to recieve the honor of being Featured Fig at sometime soon!

    They’ve been on Figment for almost a year now and have told me on multitudes of occasions how much they enjoy it and that they look forward to continuing their journey on this site.

    They as well the founders of several groups here and is an amazing writer, who has actually won a contest on here for it!

    I understand there are many people whom are suggested to be Featured Fig and that the admin might and probably will not be able to get to every one of them, but I do think they should be one of the top to be considered!

  76. I think the next featured fig should be Nicole H. She has a variety of good writings and uses feedback well. Her profile link is : figment.com/books/users/204851-Nicole-H

  77. I think it would be a good idea to include figgies who have been members for a very long time and are still pretty active/posting and have attributes that just make them a good writer all around. That deserves some recognition right there! How about a, “Devoted Member” award for those figgies who have been in 2 years or more? Just a suggestion. ;3

  78. Tate Thurgood, absolutely! She’s an incredible writer, a very supportive and enthusiastic person, and has been contributing wonderful things to figment for years!

  79. I vote for Madison L.H because she writes wonderfully and is very friendly. I’ve been in multiple groups with her and she really isn’t afraid to let people share their opinions of her stories.

  80. Honestly, I think that there are a few people who need to be Featured Fig soon. Here’s my list:

    Ellie: I am not doing this because she nominated me, but because she deserves it. Her writing style is amazing, she is a wonderful person overall, and when she swaps, she doesn’t skimp out. She really wants to help everyone improve their writing. She has even started a group in which she gives lessons to those of us grammatically impaired writers who need help with said grammar and structure issues XD

    Case: He’s been here longer than most, and has AMAZING writing, and when you swap with him, he also give detailed reviews. He’s also very kind and a nice guy to talk to.

    Cutecomber: I have known her since she first started out, and I must say, she has improved immensely. She can’t be on as often as she used to, but she has amazing skills that are always improving.

  81. Hey, I had received an email saying that I had been selected as Featured Fig… but it went to my spam and I didn’t see it until a week afterward. A few days a go is when I saw it and responded, is it too late?


  82. I think Selena Brooks should be the Featured Fig! She is just such a good writer who is deep and she has so many thoughts and she gets them across clearly!! I highly recommend her!!

  83. I think Case is an awesome figgie! πŸ™‚ His writing is amazing and he’s been on Figment more than most people. He also dedicates his time in helping people improve their writing by writing detailed and honest reviews. I think he would be a great featured fig!

  84. I and the rest of the winners from the Game of Lives contest were supposed to be featured fig but I and the writer before me were never given the chance to be. Will we ever be featured or did you forget that you promised we would be featured fig?

    • Because she is great and writes amazing poetry, is a great novelist and moves people with her writing. She is truly amazing and I don’t know where I’d be without her beautiful writing and great writing advice. She is always there for her fellow figgies and is the nicest person in the world. And did I mention her amazing writing skills?! πŸ™‚ http://figment.com/users/416262-E-Anderson

  85. I’m going to have to suggest Anna_Grace because of her inspiring works of… it’s truly that her writing is a work of art, painting a lovely picture for the whole world to see. I’ve never known someone with so much talent locked up inside that special mind of hers. She puts her whole heart into what she writes and when something new comes out, it’s like the world lit up on fire. It’s really inspiring to me as a writer and I feel like she really deserves this. http://figment.com/users/420937-A-G-Bennett I really want this for her.

  86. Nominating Maria Rae. She has been active in the Figment community for a while now (both on an older account and this one), and she is not only an incredibly talented writer, but also the sort of person who gives helpful feedback and is always willing to give out constructive criticism without tearing down anybody’s hard work. She’s a real sweetheart, too. Definitely the kind of person who would make a great representative for what this site entails: talented, helpful, and friendly.

  87. I want to vote for my best friend, PaintingDaydreams. Her work is truly amazing, and I look forward to reading new updates of her work everyday when I log on. She’s a very hardworking and inspiring writer, and I’m truly thankful to have met her and be friends with her. She’s so helpful and friendly when it comes talking with other figgies, and reviewing their work. I believe she deserves to be the next featured Figgie. It’s writers like her that deserve to be noticed for their passion , dedication and hard work. Please pick her. ((:


  88. I think that Alison Hays should be a featured fig, I love her books, and how creative they are. She is friendly and nice. She is in multiple Groups and answered the MANY questions I have had. All Figgies should have a turn at being featured, and I think that Alison should.

  89. It should be r.h.! She’s a great writer for kids, and she writes short, joyful stories about whatever pops into her head. Also, she is very dedicated to writing and is a Figment lover.

  90. Ze Fuffy Kit on Fire! Kit a great writer, and a person I think definitely deserves this. Kit also has been on this website for a long time, and never stops writing. Kit is dedicated and determined, and she won’t quit writing.

  91. I am nominating Ze-Fluffy-Kit-on-Fire cause her writing is excellent and her posts are always fun to read. And she is always rational when sticky situations arise.

    So I don’t know what else to say without sounding too insincere.

  92. I have a few:

    Haley Kissell – She is not only an active person on Fig, but she started a group called “The Figgie Fighters” as an attempt to keep people on Figment and get more people to join. She is always the first one to greet new people to the site, and she is SUPER active on the forums. She also leaves great, in depth reviews and her writing is superb.

    Jane Apricity – She is also very active on Figment and in many groups. She leaves FANTASTIC reviews, is kind to everyone, and greets new people too. Her books are simply fabulous.

    Haley Wingate – oh my goodness. Everyone who knows this girl would second my vote for her, I think. πŸ˜‰ Her writing is so great! My favorite book of hers is ‘A Game of Chess’. It literally made me cry. She isn’t as active on forums and such, but her writing is really truly amazing.

    I could prob nominate like ten more, but these have got to be my fave figgies that haven’t already been featured fig. πŸ˜€

  93. I have two nominations:

    -Haley Kissel

    She’s probably one of the most active people on Figment that I know. Her writing is amazing, and she is one of the founders of a group that tries to get more people onto Figment. She’s always popping up on the forums as well. Her reviews are very detailed and also very helpful. She’s helped a lot of writers on here improve their stories for the better. I’d be shocked if she never gets a chance to be featured, because she really deserves it.


    Daisy Cabret

    Daisy is probably one of the nicest people on here! She’s been around since 2014 (almost three years!), and has published a lot since then. Her writing has improved, and she is working on a poetry collection, “Voices in My Head”, which blew me away. She always leaves in-depth reviews too (I’ve seen them, I’ve yet to ask for one myself, I know she’s really busy), and she is always really polite when she leaves them (and the advice she gives is really helpful). I know that she’s involved with theatre, and she tries to tie that into her advice for writers. She’s also a part of a group called “Ambiance”, and she’s a part of the staff. I hope she gets a chance!

  94. I can only vote for the awesomest people I know.

    β€’Haley Kissell
    There are so many awesome writers and awesome people out there, but this girl is the queen. The second I first got on this site she was on my profile, giving me a awesome greeting and offering her help on anything to do with this website. She sings with joy and is the so sweet kind, even if she has been The Daily Fig before she deserves to be it every single day! This girl, deserves the title! She is awesome, her writing is the best, and she goes out of her way to help as many people as she can from the second they make there account!! How could she not be The Daily Fig!

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