If you had to sacrifice all your belongings and only keep 3 things – what would you keep?

21 thoughts on “If you had to sacrifice all your belongings and only keep 3 things – what would you keep?

  1. If you have a computer, you have your music and your notebook in one along with the internet for movies and other music.

  2. I need to have my clothes and my jewelry(I have a lot and it’s all very precious to me). then my phone because I can go on the internet, play games, listen to music(which I need to fall asleep), take pictures, record things, read, draw, write… basically anything.

    • I need my kindle fire ha, it has all my books and my stories on it. I was okay with giving everything else up, except family, but they’re very capable, they don’t need be xD

  3. I nominate photographs, a note book, and a flash-drive. Everything else can be replaced, but my stories, my pictures, my ideas -they could never be replaced. I have so much I have written down, it would be completely impossible to recover it all by rote. I have a terrible memory. It’s another reason why photos mean so much to me. I can recapture moments I can’t believe I could ever forget, which is most of them. Even photos my great-great-grandparents, people I have never met, will give me a sense of nostalgia.
    As for the flash drive: home videos, scans of every yearbook I own, quilt patterns my mother made -anything that won’t fit inside a notebook.

    In time, all three items will be considered useless, but today, they mean everything to me. People and ideas mean everything to me.

  4. I love books and I have at least 500 of them but I’d rather give them away than give away things that keep all my memories. Most people did a book but I could just get new books.

  5. Photgraphs, phone, and a notebook.

    1) Most of my photographs are printed now or my computer dropbox which I can access via my phone

    2) all of the other photos and some story ideas are on there xP plus I can still read via figment and online then. I’m assuming I can charge said phone.

    3) My boyfriend gave me a notebook for Christmas just so that I could have somewhere to write my songs where no one could ever see them. It’s a beautiful leather-bound notebook with a clasp that’s a leather strap and a carved wooden piece that goes through a leather loop. The entire thing has detailings on the side and spine and lined paper with rough edges inside. It’s so beautiful. It is the most thoughtful and caring gift I’d received in a very long time (considering we’d been dating for 3 weeks and I’d told him that like once before we started dating) and I think my heart would break if I had to give it up.

  6. Money- With money, I can buy happiness…
    XD Just kidding, of course. I’ll use it to buy necessities. Some say, “Money makes the world go ’round…”

    Phone- Phones can be very useful from making phone calls to accessing the internet. Apps could include cloud storage to book reading. Some phones, nowadays, could even be considered mini-tablets.

    Clothes- I don’t want to be naked.

    I guess I was trying to be practical. However, after some thought, some photographs ARE irreplaceable… memories only remembered by ink on special paper…

    Exchanging the phone for the photographs wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  7. I didn’t see we had to give up clothes O.e well, I chose MP3, as long as said grandmother gives it back, cd’s, Because said cd’s are my life, and I am loner. And I think I said Phone, so I can call my mum to get me said clothes I sacraficedddd for said three things…

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