June Writing Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of the June Writing Challenge!


Thank you all for entering! Check out the winners below and leave them your feedback!

  1. Touch of Magic by Headintheclouds
  2. Army of the Awakened by Ruby Rae Daniels
  3. Lana. by Ciane Taylor
  4. Waking Up Alive by Erika Maxwell
  5. The Crash by nikki foster (Kat)
  6. Shackled by J.C. Marie
  7. He by Clare Marie
  8. Bird, Landing by Hannah Murphy
  9. Feral by Alexander Trell
  10. Subject Number 654 by Sarah Beth
  11. He Needs Flesh by Melanie Camacho
  12. MCM by Cassie Rose
  13. Ashes to Ashes by B.K. Rivers
  14. Boy by Baesch
  15. The Testing by Poppy
  16. Mummy Escape by Kate Marr
  17. His Last Prose by Andrius Kurakinas
  18. Beyond the Wall by Elizabeth Braelyn
  19. Memories Long Forgotten by A. Ryan
  20. Who I Used To Be by Elina Piccirilli

A huge thank you to those of you who entered. We loved reading each and every story. Click to read the rest of the entries here and congrats again to the winners!

– The Figment Team

13 thoughts on “June Writing Challenge Winners!

  1. Wow. I’ve won? I’ve actually won, I didn’t even think I’d be selected. Thank you so much <3 I guess my writing style really is improving. Funny thing is, I tried a completely different style of writing for this contest. Very subtle and simple, with as little pronouns as possible.

  2. Hey, so on the Figment Newsletter it says I’m a winner but my story Who I Used To Be is not listed here. Did I win?

    • You did! One user removed their story so you were the runner-up story. Congrats! Your name and story has been added to the blog.

  3. This took me by surprise when I first found out I won… this was the first contest I’ve ever been in. I can’t believe I did it. 🙂 Thanks for making me feel proud of my writing.

  4. Thank you very much for liking my story 🙂 Wasn’t my best to be honest but I hope to be in many more Figment contests in the future!

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