Animal Rights Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of the Animal Rights Contest!


Thank you all for entering! Check out the winners below and leave them your feedback! You won’t want to miss these touching stories.

  1. Legacy by J.C. Marie
  2. A Broken Goodbye by Onie
  3. Everyday by Tora Obenour
  4. Turning Into Tristy by Courtney K.
  5. Mug Shot by Catherine Aker
  6. The Death Row by E
  7. Forgive Them by Renee
  8. A Coward’s Crime by Callie Blair
  9. The Main Course by Natalie Wagner
  10. Just Speak by Eva Sirois

A huge thank you to those of you who entered. We loved reading each and every heartening story. Click to read the rest of the entries here and let us know who your favorites were. Congrats again to the winners!

– The Figment Team

6 thoughts on “Animal Rights Contest Winners!

  1. For #9 the title is the Maine Course, Maine with an E because it has a Maine lobster in it. Thank you so much, I love this website, I just wanted to point that out!

  2. I had a little heart attack when I saw I was one of the winners (whoa). Congrats to everyone, even the ones who weren’t chosen 🙂

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