Extra Security at Figment

Hello Figgies!

In the coming days, we will be adding new security measures to Figment in order to help prevent and eliminate the spam that has been taking place.

What this means for you, will just be one extra step when submitting your stories to 9c0491239a31Figment for the first time. Taking a moment to type in a quick captcha code will help us prevent unwanted spammers and bots taking up space in our database and in your libraries. We understand this may be a disturbance to your every day Figment life, however, please know that we are doing what we can to make the site better.

As always, thank you all for being such loyal Figgies and Happy Writing!

– The Figment Team

8 thoughts on “Extra Security at Figment

  1. Hey! I’m a Figgy. And I was wondering that maybe you could add another thing. When people make groups, some random people join and begin to spam and ruin the RP going on. It’s upsetting. Because even though they aren’t a member or are. Even if you kick them out of the group they keep coming back. So I was wondering maybe you could add something where the group admin has to accept someone if they want to join. Then where people who aren’t members can’t post in the groups. Thanks for reading.

  2. This is a great way to keep away spammers, definitely better then seeing all those useless stories. Well worth the extra step.

  3. The engineers at Figment need to keep in close contact with the people at Wattpad. Keep reading their blog and try keeping up with friends working at similar sites. Sometimes collabing with people from the outside really helps figure out how to stop problems.

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