10 Brandon Sanderson Finalists!

Your votes are in!

We challenged our Figgies to write a story based off of Brandon Sanderson’s writing prompt: If you were a super-villain, what would your one power be? And how would you use it to conquer the world?

Check out the winning finalists below, and be sure to check back January 19th to see Brandon Sanderson’s live chat announcing his favorites!

Congrats again to the finalists and check back January 19th to find out who Brandon Sanderson’s top 5 picks are!

If you want to check out more of the contest entries, click here.

– The Figment Team

5 thoughts on “10 Brandon Sanderson Finalists!

  1. Tibby and I had 344 at the end of the conest. I have screenshots. Writer had 343. Why did Tibby and I get pushed out??

    • Hi Melanie! The final winner list was taken as soon as the clock struck 12:00 Eastern. The numbers were fluctuating constantly so it was a very close race! Congrats to everyone who made it to the top 10 but also those who weren’t far behind. You all received a lot of love on your stories and we hope to have more contests like this in the future using new platforms that will make it more user-friendly. Thank you all for your patience and for entering!

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