What is your favorite dragon from a book?

54 thoughts on “What is your favorite dragon from a book?

  1. I know its “from a book,” but Draco from Dragonheart should really be on here, honorarily.

    But yes, Smaug. Hands down.

  2. Norbert from Harry Potter. Although I also like the Hungarian Horntail, the Swedish Shortsnout, Welsh Green, and Chinese Fireball. My favorite breed of dragon from Harry Potter is the Opaleye. I also like Smaug.

  3. I was so torn! Saphira, Norbert, and toothless are awesome…but so is Firedrake from Dragon Rider….and it’s been a while, but I think I also like Firethroat from the unicorn chronicles.

  4. Puff holds special memories for me ๐Ÿ™‚ my aunt used to sing that song all the time, and it was the first time we bonded when I was really little. Can’t help myself – always Puff the Magic Dragon.

  5. I picked Saphira because she was an opening to the world of Dragons to me.I loved her so much I was sad when the series ended.But the movies are horrible though.

  6. TOOTHLESS!!! He is adorable! Although, I have to admit, I like the movie better than the books (which is highly unusual). Smaug came second for me, just cause he’s awesome, but Toothless rules.

  7. It was really hard for me on this one.

    I love Smaug, but then again, I love Norbert.

    I just put Smaug.

    Rest in peace, Smaug, you theif.

    Rest in peace.

  8. I love Smuag and yes Norbert, but I also love all the dragons from the book Slayers, by C.J. Hill. If you haven’t read that book, you have know idea what you’re missing! XD

  9. I love dragons. It was a tie between Smuag and Toothless for me, so I went with Toothless. Those are possibly my two favorite books(series).

  10. Drogon from A Song of Ice and Fire, or Game of Thrones depending if you read or watch the shows. Either way, best dragon ever.

  11. I put Toothless, but in reality I like the Windwalker more. He’s only from the HTTYD book franchise, so I’m guessing 96% of y’all have no idea who he is, but he is the second-fastest dragon in the world and is AWESOME!

  12. I added Shardas from Dragon Slippers. And I wish some more dragons from the HYTTYD books were here, like Windwalker, but oh well.

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