29 Day Writing Challenge – DAY 1

We are challenging you to complete a 29 Day Writing Challenge on Figment every day this month!

Those who are able to complete ALL 29 challenges are eligible to be brand new Featured Figs on the website and have a new “Featured Fig” badge added to their profile!


Have you already been a Featured Fig? No worries – we’ll still be happy to feature your work and remind everyone how AWESOME you are!

If you aren’t able to complete all 29 challenges, you’ll still be eligible to win some goodies but the more you complete, the better chances you’ll have so keep at it.

To complete the 29 Day Challenge it is recommended you do one exercise a day to strengthen your consistency, creativity and inspiration. However, if you get behind, don’t worry! As long as you complete all 29 challenges within the month of February – you’re eligible to win.

Let’s get started with DAY 1!

Create a short (or long) story using the following prompt:

A little girl stumbles into your apartment claiming she is your great grandmother.

Tag your story with “#FigmentChallengeDay1” and that’s it!

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Good luck and HAPPY WRITING!

– The Figment Team

24 thoughts on “29 Day Writing Challenge – DAY 1

    • Only when it is a Dialogue. Our first prompt was just a basic story plot – you’re free to take it wherever you want it to go. Good luck!

  1. Hey Figment Team! Super excited for this challenge, but question! Do I need to include the prompt word for word somewhere in the story, or just use it as an overall theme?

    • If it’s a dialogue prompt, then yes – but if it’s a general plot theme or scene outline then no. I hope that helps! GOOD LUCK! I’m super excited to see your 29 challenges! Happy Writing!

  2. Do we need to publish each challenge separately, or can we put them all together in one writing and put all the tags together?

    • That could work too – perhaps add each challenge in a different chapter. As long as all of the tags are there, and your work was started and completed within the month of February – that’s fine!

  3. If we have ideas that stray slightly from the prompts is that okay? For instance having the little girl show up at someone’s work instead of their home?

  4. Is there going to be one for the month of May? I didn’t get figment until May so I missed this opportunity.

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