14 Ways Reading Improves Your Mind and Body

As any bookworm can tell you, reading offers serious perks for your brain. Not only can reading make you more intelligent, but it allows you to forget about your everyday problems as you immerse yourself in another world. While it sounds fanciful, science is proving this right!

Research is showing that reading brings your brain’s neural pathways to life, making it more elastic, active and decreasing your chances of mental decline by 32%.

The benefits don’t just stop there, either.  Researchers have also shown that reading reduces stress, improves your socials skills and empathy, and even helps stave off Alzheimer’s.

If you’re one of the many people whose only reading habits include tweets and Facebook status updates, then you might want to pay attention to this below infographic by The Expert Editor.

Here are 14 reasons for you to start a regular reading habit today:



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