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Figment is an online community to create, discover, and share new reading and writing. Follow your literary obsessions. Find fans for your work. Read the latest by your favorite authors. Vote up the best stories. Embrace your inner book nerd. Read. Write. Procrastinate. Repeat. Whatever you’re into, from sonnets to mysteries, from sci-fi stories to cell phone novels, you can find it on Figment.

Figment takes its inspiration from Japanese cell phone novels, a phenomenon written about by our co-founder Dana Goodyear. You can read it here.

We’re excited for you to be a part of it, whether you’re a reader, a writer, or a publisher. Go ahead, write yourself in!

27 thoughts on “About Figment

  1. Hi-

    I am a librarian in a public library, and I sometimes work with the Young Adult Library Services Association in doing podcasts to promote books, ideas and services that might be of interest to our members. Most of our members are librarian in public libraries or school libraries who work directly with teens/young adults. I just read the profile on Figment on the NY Times and after poking around your site a bit I thought your site might make a great topic for a podcast. If you are interested, I could contact someone by phone or Skype to conduct the interview.

    Thanks, and I hope to hear from someone soon.

    • Hi Matt, I’m handling PR for Figment – did someone get back to you yet? I don’t see an email for you but if you send me one (LCERAND@gmail.com), I’d be happy to set up an interview. We love podcasts, and young adult librarians like chocolate and peanut butter.

  2. I’ve recently published my first YA novel, One Is Not A Lonely Number. I’ve received great feedback from readers, though some thought of it more as a children’s novel. My book is 440 pages and geared for ages 10-14. So, I’m asking Figment members to share their definition of a YA novel?

    • Hi Evelyn,

      I am in a book club for YA books, and we don’t usually read books meant for kids younger than 12. Its always 12+. So for us 10-14 is more of a middle-school or pre-teen novel, and not Young Adult fiction. I personally think that a YA book should also have a teen protagonist, 14 or older, because otherwise it’s hard to relate to the character and feels a little young.

  3. Hi-Are there any plans to open a Spanish version of Figment.com? I think it would be a great way to further integrate the Spanish speaking population, not only in the U.S., but also the rest of Latin America. I could help in this area if there is any interest.
    Thanks a lot!

  4. I’m thinking about signing up, but I don’t want my work to be stolen. It’s why I don’t tend to join these kind of things, but I would really like some feedback that isn’t from friends or family. What are the chances that my writing might be stolen and put off as someone else’s?

    • We take a very strong stance against plagiarism and do our best to protect users from it. If plagiarism is discovered, the stolen work is taken down from the offending account and that user is notified and/or banned from the site. If you do suspect something like this has happened either to you or someone else, please immediately email a moderator. You can reach us in the following ways: Email: Info@Figment.com, Admin@Figment.com, Lindsay@Figment.com, ESteele@Figment.com or Maria@Figment.com; Forums: Post a thread entitled “I Need A Moderator” with a brief explanation, and a link if possible. A moderator will respond to you as quickly as possible.

  5. Hello there,
    I’m a Senior in high school and I’m just wondering if there is a way to track the posts we’ve made and the topics we have left posts in? I find it difficult to navigate through everything to find your posts and what not. Other then that I’m loving Figment. ^-^ I’m loving the option of having a book cover. It’s quite neat.

    • We don’t have a notification system at the moment, but if you go the top of the forum page in any section, there will be a search box. If you search for your user name, all of your posts should come up. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Ashley

      In order to write for the blog, you must be a Figment intern or work for Figment in some capacity. Thanks for your interest!

  6. I came across Figment in a news article. It seems geared toward teens. Is there a maximum age limit on this site? Are there “older” members (and by older I mean 21+)? Seems like a great place and I would love to share my work. I just wish I had something like this when I was a little younger (28yr old currently).

  7. I would love to join the site, but I feel weird posting my writing if I am also looking to publish that same story.

  8. Okay, well this is like totally unrelated to “About Figment” But I have been soooo lost as to where I could ask for help so I just went here. Anyway, on ym Figment account I have reently been having some problems. I can not read any works, not even my own. As long as they are published I can’t read them, well I can but only the first few paragraphs because I am not allowed to scroll down. It is frustrating me to no end because I have tried practically everything to get rid of the thing blocking me, and no one else seems to be having the problem, well no one that I have seen, but I don’t know how to fix it. The first few paragraphs that you are able to read without the need to scroll down is all I get, then those paragraphs are encompasses in a grey box and the scroll bar is all but dead. Help?

    • Hey Lauren-

      Sometimes when users encounter this problem, it is a zoom issue. At the bottom of the box, there is usually a left-right scroll bar. When you scroll all the way to the right, you see the scroll that enables you to see the entire story. Let me know if this helps!


  9. I posted my problem before, and for a while, actually the same day I looked at Emily’s reply, it was fixed. I don’t know if it corrected itself or an admin. helped…but now it is doing the same thing. It won’t let me read anything past what I can already read without the need to scroll down. There is just this big grey box over top the writing, and I’ve tried reloading the page, restarting the comp, signing out and logging back in, changing chapters, it just won’t let me scroll down. And there isn’t any right or left scroll bar, so that isn’t the problem, it won’t let me scroll down though!! 🙁

    • Hey Lauren-

      Do you want to email me at emily at figment.com with your browser, its version, and what operating system you’re accessing Figment on? I might be able to help you more if I know some details.

  10. I love Figment to death, thanks so much for making the website. But Im curious on a couple things.

    1) Is HarperTeens still part of the website from InkPop or is everything under your control?
    2) How can I tell if a story/novel is complet or not?

    If you get the chance please reply, if you can’t I understand.

    • Hey!

      Figment.com is not associated with any publisher. At this time, there is no way to tell if a story is complete or in progress, but that is something we hope to include in the future.


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