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Winnipeg overview

“Never, and I mean never, be afraid to share a story. A half-constructed story shared with the world is better than a novel trapped in your head. Also, don’t be afraid to look to your real life for inspiration: write about your friends, that trip you took last summer, or that guy you see everyday at the bus stop. It might seem boring to you but for a reader it’s something new, and we’re all just looking for a good story.” Continue reading

Featured Fig: CEMO

“What I love about the Figment community is that it’s tight knit and focused on making you a better writer. On other writing sites, it’s difficult to get that one on one interaction with other writers, as it’s more about getting as much publicity as possible. But here you can make close friends and get really valuable advice from many talented writers of all different genres.” – CEMO Continue reading

Featured Fig: L. R. Bauer


“I thoroughly enjoy all the encouragement, honest feedback, and constructive criticism the members of Figment offer each other on their writing. Being a part of such a warm, welcoming environment has definitely improved my writing for the better.” – L. R. Bauer
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