Featured Fig: Clary Frost

“Read, read, read. Through reading other works you pick up how the author shapes their worlds and their characters. Also never stop writing. The only way to get better is to write – even though you may think it is horrible. Keep it up and through writing you can find your own groove.” – Clary Frost Continue reading

Featured Fig: CEMO

“My biggest word of advice is to write every day. I just began doing this recently, but I find that writing every day is one of the most important things a writer can do. It keeps your juices flowing and even if it is just a sentence you sneak in before bed, it gives you a sense of accomplishment day in and day out. ” – CEMO Continue reading

Special Blog By Kara Thomas, author of THE DARKEST CORNERS

“When I was eleven my grandmother gave me a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was so absorbed in it that I read throughout lunch and ignored my poor grandmother.” – Kara Thomas Continue reading

Featured Fig: A. G. Bennett

“My advice for my fellow figgies is, look around you. Everywhere. You can find amazing things in every corner if you just stop and look. Use memories and emotions as inspiration. You can turn your worst day into something uplifting for someone else through writing. And reach out to others. The people that care about you as a writer, who respect you, give the best advice.” – A. G. Bennett Continue reading

Featured Fig: E. Anderson

“It’s great to be surrounded by such a spectacular group of writers, and they are the ones who have created a second home for me here on Figment. I love the feedback I get on my pieces, and I love giving feedback as well. I can’t count the number of stories and poems I’ve read so far and thought, “Wow, I wish I could write like that.” I draw inspiration from my fellow authors as well, and I like asking for opinions on titles, character names, and plot twists. Without these people, these friends, my writings wouldn’t be half as much as they are now.” – E. Anderson Continue reading

Featured Fig: Eastlyn Ullmann

“One of the pieces of advice that I find myself constantly giving is to read your compositions out loud. This helps me to find mistakes or awkward phrases. Also, just continue writing if you love it. There comes a point when others’ opinions do not solely govern what you write but you are still humble enough to take constructive advice. Work hard and write what you love!” – Eastlyn Ullmann Continue reading

Featured Fig: Stormie D.

“I enjoy that everyone here is so supportive. Everyone is here to support you and actually help you to become an author… which, of course, is a dream of mine! Also, unlike other sites, it is much easier to get constructive criticism here. Those are probably the two most important things a writer can have (besides an ice-cream break now and then, but you get the picture).” – Stormie D. Continue reading