Ask a Screenwriter!

We love New Girl. No matter how quirky/crazy/awkward Zooey Deschanel‘s character Jess gets, we can’t fault her. Even when she’s got a turkey in the dryer. Even when she’s hiding tampons in an apron. Even when she’s singing to herself, again. Though … Continue reading

One Sleepless Weekend = One Movie

You’ve probably thought about writing a screenplay. (Or maybe you’ve already done it!)  Most writers have at least one great movie idea rattling around in their heads, just waiting. Waiting for you to have more time, waiting for you to … Continue reading

Screenwriting Contest

Write a screenplay (a script for a movie) in fewer than 1500 words that begins with something getting damaged by fire. What gets damaged, how it gets burned, and who/what starts the spark is up to you! This happens to … Continue reading

Meg on film

With the final Harry Potter nearing theaters and her own Avalon High premiering on Disney, we’ve been thinking about what happens when young adult books become movies and, of course, we thought of Meg Cabot, who wrote The Princess Diaries and … Continue reading